08.01.2017 Please be aware: Please be informed  that foreigner who has a diploma in Engineering should first of all approve their diploma at the Council of Higher Education and register workers at the related Chamber of Engineers. For example such job position as sale engineer, food engineer software egigineer, civil engineer and mechanical engineer. All these titles should have an equivalent diplomas approved by the Council of Higher Education. In the same way, this rule also applies to Foreign Architects and City Planners.

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The Artice 21 of Law no. 6735  of new International Labour Force has set out the guidelines for the work permits for engineers and architects.

İt is foreseen that foreign engineers and architects are able to do activities on project basis or for temporary periods in Turkey in case if the applicant has graduated from Engineering and Architecture faculties in higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad where their diplomas will be recognized by the Council of Higher Education.

ARTICLE 21 – (1) Foreigners who are granted the titles engineer or architect by completing their education in engineering or architecture faculties in a higher education institution in Turkey or a higher education institution abroad which are recognized by the authorities of the relevant country and the Council of Higher Education, are able to carry out engineering and architecture activities on project basis or for temporary periods by taking work permit.


The authority which issue work permit for foreigners is Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Foreign engineers, architects and city planners should have ‘Diploma Equivalency Certificate’ from the Higher Education Council in order to get a work permit.

Applicant should receive a report that he / she is allowed to do Engineering job in his/her home country and doesn't have any penalty. This document should be gotten from the Chamber of Engineers or related institutions of applicant's homecountry. Later this document should be appostilled at the Administrative unit of the applicant’s own province. Once the application form will be on process, the abovementioned document should be submitted to the Ministry of Labour with other required documents.

Applicant’s documents should be approved by the Turkish representative in its homecountry and afterwards send to Turkey. İf there will not be any missing document, the work permit application will be approved within 30 working days. In case if there will be any missing documents, the applicant will be informed by the officer of Ministry of Labour and Social Secuirty. Missing documents should be submitted within  30 days to the Ministry of Labour.

In order to get a work permit for one foreign engineer, local company should already employ 5 Turkish citizens within its workplace. Besides, the salary of  foreign engineer must be indicated as at least  4 times of minimum wage in Turkey. Applicant’s original diploma should also be submitted to the Ministry of Labour.

The abovementioned criterias are not applied for Syrian engineers who has a Turquoise card.

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