Work and Residence permit fees for 2017

In accordance with Public Notification of Charges published in Official Gazette (No: 29573 25 Dec 2015) Work and Residence Permit fee schedule has been updated as below.





First Month 133,00 Turkish Liras, Remaining Months 88,00Turkish Liras


Currently no change has been announced about the monthly residence permit fees applicable on the basis of reciprocity principle. However as per section 6 of public notification of charges, dated 30. Dec. 2014, daily fees, monthly fees and maximum, minimum amounts are determined as below (Applicable to the nationals of Serbia, Norway, Fiji, K. Marino and Chile). For up to dated information please consult to nearest local police department’s aliens’ branch. The below fee schedule is for informational purposes only, please consider that there might be changes in the fee schedule or in the structure of the table below.




























South Korea

Hong Kong




Ivory Coast









K. Marino


1 $

0.5 $

0.4 $

0.3 $

0.2 $

14,00 TL


10-25 $

5-14 $

4-9 $

3-7 $

2-5 $

26,10-133,00 TL


25 $

14 $

9 $

7 $

5 $

133,00 TL


5 $

3.5 $

2.5 $

1.5 $

0.5 $

88,00 TL




Austrian citizens married to Turkish citizens are exempted from residence permit fees
German citizens who are married to Turkish citizens and the children are exempted from Residence Permit fee.

Last Update:
02.01. 2016

Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Department of Work Permits of Foreigners –
Ministry of Interior, Directorate General of Migration Management –
Public notification of charges (Official Gazette No: 29573, 25 Dec 2015)

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RESIDENCE PERMITS Tags: New Law on Foreigners and International Protection, Types of Residence Permits, Extensions, 90 in 180 Days rule.

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  • Joon


    I want to come turkey as a tourist for 15-20 days. The e-visa website shows that I have to pre-book my hotel and have to show the booking on the airport. If my returning ticket is after 15 days and I show them just 2 days of booking of hotel and wanna stay by my own, is it allowed ?


    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      You should not have any problem if you have a returning ticket. The Hotel Reservation is optional but recommended.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Stanley Ofosu Acheampong

    Please I would like to know the cost of processing a short term residence permit and the required documentation. Am a Ghanaian (west africa)

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      In order to apply for a Residency Permit in Turkey you are required to first get a valid touristic Visa. We sunnot provide Consultancy service for the obtention of a Visa. However we can make all the required application once you enter the Turkish territory.

      To get further information about our Residency Permit Fee please contact us by mail.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Ahmed suleman

    Dear sir ,

    How much Residency Permit Health insurance for person between 30 to 45 in Turkey per year ?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Ahmad,

      For a quotation about the Health Insurrance please fill our form in the Health Insurrance page or contact us by phone.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Aladeen

    Merhaba, I will be really geatful if you could clear my confusion about the price for health insurance for foreigners in order to apply for a residence permit. I have been quoted diffeent prices which have confused me. I have been told 270 Turlish lira per month. On the other hand someone has told me its 150 usd per year. I would be geatful if you could clear that. Thanks

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Aladeen,

      Private Health Insurrances can be both calculated as a monthly or yearly. Monthly Insurrances have higher costs and also have a broader uses in Hospital.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Morgan Mawila

    U wish to enquire from your good Office,
    What is the the qualification for one to cone to Turkey?
    In accordance with the rules and regulations of your Company . What should one have in order for one to be allowed entry to Turkey.
    I need your guidelines.
    Thank you.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      In order to get a Residency Permit in Turkey you should first enter the Turkish territory with a Valid Visa. If your country’s citizens need a Visa to enter Turkey you should check with the Turkish Consulate in your Country for the requirements for the Visa.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Innocent Chidiebere

    Hello sir, am Innocent Chidiebere, a male nurse practicing in Nigeria. Am from Nigeria. I wish to migrate to turkey to get a job there and reside there. pls I need your advice.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Innocent,

      Unfortunately we do not provide Human Ressource Management Services. To apply for a Work Permit you need to first find an employer, either by find through the internet or by comming to Turkey apply for a Residency Permit and then apply for a Work Permit once you find an employer.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Ali Abdullah

    Please can you tell me what are the consequences to my overstay (15 days)?
    I’m with my wife and children. We have Indonesian passports but living in Qatar. We may settle down in Turkey but we have to exit the country to re-enter to get 30 more days of visa. We came with e-visa.
    Thank you very much.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Ali Abdullah,

      The overstay penalty is directly calculated at the customs since it is based on your nationality and the lenght of the overstay. The fee for 15 days of overstay per person should not be very high.

      We can help you with all the necessary services for you to settle in Turkey. For further information please contact us by mail.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Ali Seenah

    Hi Sirs
    I got an offer from Turkish National Drilling Corporation and they asked me to transfer $2000 through western union as a security deposit for me to get the work permit.
    Is this normal in the government procedure to ask for $2000 as a security deposit from me personally when I have a working contract with a reputable company.
    Please let me know if it’s ok to send that money or it is a scam.
    Thanking you in advance for your help and assistance
    Ali Seenah

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Ali,

      We strongly advise you to not trust this company since we cannot confirm or deny if the proposition is genuine or not. However many foreign citizens get scammed by this kind of fake mail requiring bank transfers for work permit. In order to apply for a work permit in Turkey no deposit is required a work contract would be sufficient. Please be carefull concerning this kind of mail.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Bishal

    I’m an Indian student and doing my internship in Turkey. But I have 50 days visa permit and by mistake I recognised that my flight is on 51st day and now I don’t have that much money left to book another flight. So what will be the consequences of overstaying 12 hours ?
    I am really scared. Please someone tell me.

  • Katrine

    My 90/180 days expired 31 may and i applied for residence permit before that date. But i could first get ikamet meeting 25. august and i have to leave Turkey before that. Do I have to pay fine in airport and how long can i risk waiting before go if the fee raises per day? Will it be a problem to enter Turkey again? I dont know if i have to cancel all plans and go home asap or if there is some way that i can stay here?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Ms. Katrine,

      Thank you for your comment.

      İf you leave the country before your appointment date, you should pay the administrative fine at the airport on your departure day. The fine will be calculated by the Customs from the expiration date of your visa till departure day.İf you fail to pay the fine at the Customs, you can be banned to enter again for certain period of time. Howevere if you pay the administrative fine, you may come back again on new visa.

      Best regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  • Vasilis


    I am in Turkey about 75 days now, visiting some friends. my last day is on 23 of june. What will happened if i stay about another 4 days? Lets say that i will leave on 26 or 27 of June.
    Do you know how muvh will be the penalty and if i will have any problem to visit again the country in the future?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Vasilis,

      We cannot tell the exact amount of your penalty however we can easily say your penalty will be a very little amount if you overstay for 4 days.
      If you pay the penalty you will not have any problem at your second entrance, but you should not overstay for a second time.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Mohammad Karim

    Hi my name is mohammad Karim and I entered turkey last week. i want to stay here more than 90 days with my family. how can i get residence permit easily. For the time being I am living in Kirshehr village.
    could you please let me know the procedures and required documents for obtaining residence permit by email.

    thank you in advance.


    Mohammad Karim

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr. Mohammad,

      For detailed information regarding residence permit procedure in Turkey, kindly ask you to contact us by no: 444 7 284 .

      Thank you

  • kobus

    Hi there

    I received a job offer from a company in Ankara. One of the requirements is that I pay security deposit of $2,000 ( which i will get back)as security deposit before my work permit and visa can be processed This needs to be paid via Western Union myself being the recipient in Turkey. Is there something like this as I am feeling this is a scam.


    • Wicak

      Hello Kobus i also receive job offer same like you but requirements security deposit of $3000 via western union. You already get the answer this one scam or no? is there any regulation from Turkish goverment law regarding this one?

      • ExpatGuideTurkey

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        There is no regulation in the Turkish Law stating that foreign worker need to make a deposit of 3000$(or any other amount) in order to be able to apply for a work permit.
        These job offers are mostly and certainly scam.

        Best Regards,
        ExpatGuideTurkey Team

    • stefan

      Its A Scamm they fake id card on your name and take the money if they have your MMTN number from WU

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir,

      I have never heard about security deposit before, that is why please be carefull, most probably this is a scam and generally employer doesnt charge any security deposit from employees.
      We suggest you to not tranfer any money via Western Union.
      Thank you,

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I was a student in Northern Cyprus and I had a permit for 2 years and it expires 17 September 2017, but I had to go back home due to family issues and finances and now I have to start again trying to sort myself out, However I cant make it back to TRNC by that date. If I get there a few months after the date of my expired permit will I be told to pay a fine I dont want to travel so far and be sent back, because most definitely I want to renew my permit and carry on with my education. would you know what documents they will ask from me by the airport? or will I need to get a new visa fly to TRNC and will they let me in ?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      You should first note that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprius Law differ from the Turkish Law. We can only give you information concerning the Turkish Law. Thus, unofrtunately, we cannot give you any advice or information related to your request.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • kigozi andrew kaggwa

    hi my name is kigozi Andrew from Uganda,I would like to come and find job in turkey,I did a bachelor’s degree in leisure and hospitality management,so advise me the type of visa I should apply and another thing in case am in turkey and I get a job,do I need to exit for procession of my work permit…thanx

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Our company does not provide Human Ressource Management Service, we cannot find a job for you.
      In order to get a residency permit in Turkey you should first enter the Turkish territory with a tourism purpose Visa. Once in turkey with this Visa you can apply for a Short Term Residency Permit. With this residency permit you be able to apply for a work permit if you can find an employer in Turkey.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGudeTurkey Team

  • Hajer


    I am a Tunisian Intern in Turkey, I applied, I have visa for one year witch I paid for in Tunisia (approximately 200 TL) and applied for resident permit here in Turkey, I paid 63 TL for application submission two months ago.
    I want to ask, will I be asked to pay 372 TL at the immigration office? because they did not say anything.
    what s the difference between the Visa amount i paid in my country and the single entry visa fee?
    And please can you explain to me the link between the resident fee stated above, and the fee distribution by country?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Yes you will have to pay a governmental fee at the immigration office in Turkey. As you said it might be 362TL, you can pay it at the immigration office the appointment day.
      The difference between the fee you pay at the consulate and the fee at the immigration office, One is for the cosulate and the process for the paperwork at the consulate while the other is for the governement in Turkey. They are both different kind of fees. Also one fee is for the Visa while the other is for the Residency Permit.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Sumair

    I am from Pakistan want to stay in Turkey so tell me how much total fees of Resident Permit. Kindly inbox me and tell me the process and documentation above all i understand but confused what is the actual cost i have to pay.


    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      In order to answer your question more accurately please write your inquiry by mail to us. We will promptly reply your request as sson as we get your mail.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  • Asim Ali

    Dear Sir

    I wanted to know that my wife got a job offer recently from Turkey Istanbul from a Hospital name Kirac General Hospital as a Laboratory Technologist i need to confirm it through your website we are living in Pakistan and its very difficult to find out from here that the offer is genuine or fake because the hospital wants us to pay the charges of work permit and they says in their email that the charges are refundable please guide me if you want me to sent you the hiring contrat and email which my wife got from the hopital please let me know through email then i will forward you

    With Regards
    Asim Ali

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Asim,

      We cannot confirm if the contract is genuine or fake. However in order to apply for a work permit in Turkey the applicant is required to have some documents of the company in order to make the application.
      We can give you further information about your case if you can forward us the documents.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  • manikandan namasivayam singaram

    Dear sir,iam manikandan. Indian, I selected in Istanbul Asia Princess Hotel,but Istanbul advocate make visa for me. He asking me 790 us dollars in moneygrem via. Im very confused.. Original or fake.. Please clear it doubt. I’m waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      We cannot tell by the price if the consultancy service your are having is real or not. In order to be sure if the company you are working with is real ask for a contract and an office where you can meet with the person. If they cannot provide you both be aware of them.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

      • Asim Khan


        I am planning to come in Istanbul, Turkey next month on visit visa and i would like to know about Residence Permit and Work Permit information. can you please tell me about these?

        • ExpatGuideTurkey

          Dear Mr Asim,

          The residency permit and the work permit in turkey are two different kind of residency. Both permits procedures are different.
          You can consult our dedicated webpages in order to get further informations concerning the residency permit and the work permit.
          To summarize the differents type of permit :
          The residency permit allows you to stay in Turkey for a determined ammount of time, but does not allow you to work in Turkey. you can apply for the residency permit if you have a touristic Visa and the application must be made before the expiration of your Visa, otherwise you not be allowed to apply for the residency permit.
          The work permit may be apply from inside of Turkey, in this case the foreigner will need a residency permit, and from abroad, in this case the applicant will not be required to have a valid residency permit.

          Best Regards,
          ExpatguideTurkey Team.

  • Naveed Ali


    I am Naveed Ali form Pakistan, I have applied for Tourist VISA for Turkey, Embassy given me passport back with stamp that your application is received and with a letter that your application is under process for investigation with Ministry of Interior – Turkey. I am confused that how much time it takes.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Naveed,
      We cannot advice you about this subject. You will have to consult about the advancement of your application with the embassy since only the consulate can check the status of your application. Generally the process take approximately 1 month since it is case based and every application is evaluated differently we cannot tell anything for sure.

      Best Regards,
      Expatguideturkey Team.

  • Edobor

    Am a Security guard in one of the best bank in Nigeria and need a new lease of life by migrating to Turkey.Do I need a Job first before I can be granted visa, Pls I need help here on how to apply for the visa.
    ……………. Edobor

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Ebodor,

      We cannot help you for the Visa application procedure. Since Visa are provided by the consulat the requirement for every country must directly asked to the consulate. Once you get a visa to Turkey we can provide you with our residency permit services.

      In the case if you already found an employer who would like to employ you, we can also help you to get a work permit, which will grant you the right to come to Turkey without the need of a Visa.

      For more information about this procedure please contact us by mail.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  • Shahid

    Dear ,I am from Pakistan i want work visa of Turkey 37 years graduate in humanities.

    • Leander Gomez

      I have got a job offer from Raffles Hotel, Istanbul. How do I get my work visa and residence permit. Kindly brief me with the formalities and cost, Thanks and warm regards

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Shahid,

      According to the Turkish Law, Work Permit for Foreign National must be applied by the employer. You can’t get a work permit by yourself, you must first find an employer wishing to employ you and then the company will apply for your work permit.

      Best regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  • Muhammad Farid

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Muhammad Farid and i am from Pakistan. actually i want to go to turkey on work visa. i am Electrical Engineer and currently i am on visit visa here at UAE which is valid till 4th jamuary 2017.
    So, please inform me what is the procedure to apply for the visa and how much is the price of visa and also please inform me can i go direct from UAE to turkey or not ?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr. Muhammad Farid,

      Thank you very much for your message,

      Let me inform you that work permit/visa could be only gotten by employer, not employee. You can com to Turkey on the basis of the tourist visa and later extend it by applying for residence permit. The short term residence permit allows you to stay in Turkey legally. Once you find a job, your employer could transfer your residence permit to work permit.

      Best regards,

      ExpatGuideTurkey team.

  • Umair Ahmad

    Assallam o alikum,
    Anyone can inform me..
    How much cost of turkish work and residence permit 1year..How much cost.
    Tell me please

  • Ali Ahmad

    Dear sir,
    I want to ask about residence permit fees for one year stay in Turkey how much should i pay for this one year residence permit.please tell me what should i do to apply for this can guide me..

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