Why vısas are ıssued for 90 days?

You made a request that has been approved for your foreign staff but a work permit visa stamp for just 90 days was marked on the passport, what is the reason for this?

The old Law No. 4817 on the Work Permits of Foreigners demanded that the foreigner approved a working title enter Turkey within 90 days, Visa given by the consulate is intended to allow foreigners coming to Turkey with a work permit to legally enter Turkey within 90 days.

Once the foreigner enters Turkey the Visa loses its validity and the work permit comes into effect.

Generally employers and foreign employees assumes the Visa as the work permit which causes confusion, more simply, that Visa given by the consulate for foreigners aiming to work in Turkey is their right to enter the Turkish territory. This Visa allows only one entrance, once inside the Turkish territory that Visa is no longer valid and becomes unusable, the entrance and exist of the Turkish territory will be through the work permit card .

Source: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/vize-genel-bilgileri.tr.mfa

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