What ıs Turquoıse Card? And who can get ıt?

Turquoise Card is a revolutionary practice which gives privileged citizenship right and indefinite work permit to foreigners who buy a house or make an investment in Turkey and gives residence permit to their spouses and dependant children. Foreign investors who make a fixed capital investment in any mount in Turkey, foreign investors who buy a real estate in Turkey and register this real estate in Title Deeds Office with an annotation not to be sold for three years, foreigners who provide employment to certain number of people in their business, foreign investors who do not withdraw their money in the bank for three years and foreigners who invest in state investment instruments not to be withdrawn for a certain period shall have privileged Turquoise Card.

Turquoise card


A new and facilitated employment permit system, called Turquoise card, is designed to bring in Turkey qualified foreign labor force which will make investments supporting development of Turkey, provide contribution to scientific and technological development and innovation with its professional experience and distinguished in any strategic importance field.

Turquoise card will be granted in line with the international labor force policy to foreigners whose application will be found appropriate in accordance with the principles and procedures set forth by the Ministry and opinions of the Advisory Board of International Labor Force Policy developed according to their educational background, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, effect of their activities or investments in Turkey to national economy and employment rate.

Turquoise card will be given for 3 years as a transition period.

The Ministry of Labor will, during the said transition period, supervise the process by requesting information and documents related to the activities carried out from the employer or the foreigner.

After the transition period of three years, accordıng to the Article 16, the transition card will be transformed to the permanent Tuquoise card. This transform application shall be made within one hundred and eighty days before the transition period expires and in any case prior to expiry of the transition period. Any application made for removal of the transition period record after completion of such term shall be rejected and the Turquoise card will be invalid.

A certificate is granted to the foreigner’s spouse and child(ren) of turquoise card holder may be used as residence permit, which shows that the certificate holder is a relative of the foreigner holding a turquoise card.

The foreigner holding a Turquoise card is entitled to exercise the rights granted by the permanent right of labor as regulated by this Law.

Sources: International Labor Force Law No. 6375


Investors: According to investment amount determined for 2017
Real Estate Owners: Foreigners who have purchased or will purchase house in the amounts specified by the Ministry
Qualified Foreigners: With Scoring System
Foreigners may submit these applications only through “Authorized Intermediary Institutions”.

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why the Turquoıse Card?

Be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
Population of the country is 80.000.000
Open up to the World from Turkey
Hurry, buy property!
No visa!
Turkey will become one of the largest economies in the World in 2023.
Turkey has fulfilled all the conditions required by the European Union 5 years ago.
Being a Turkish citizen and having a Turkish passport!
Build your future!
Invest in your future!
30 million tourists visit Turkey each year!
World’s largest companies are in İstanbul.
Everyone is free in their life
Investment opportunities
Establish a company in Turkey and trade throughout the world.

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Important: This test is created by ATA Kurumsal Danışmanlık A.Ş. and it is not official application. Turquoise Card applications will be made by authorized intermediary institutions. Applications have not started yet, because the Application Regulations of the International Labour Law No 6735 has not been issued yet.

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