The concept of investment incentive is so important in Turkey. In order to support foreign and local investments, the Investment Incentive System came into force in 2012. The main purposes of the system :

  • Directing savings to investments with high added value,
  • Increasing production and employment,
  • Encouraging investments to increase international competitiveness and high R & D content,
  • Increasing international direct investments,
  • Reducing regional development disparities,
  • Supporting clustering and environmental protection and research and development activities.

Turkey is divided 6 regions in terms of investment concept. It aims to reduce the development gap between the provinces and to increase the production and export potential of the provinces. According to the development level of provinces, the intensity of aid has been differentiated. The sectors to be supported are determined by taking into account the potentials of the provinces and their economic scale sizes.

Finally, with the concept of investment incentive system, many foreign investors started to make a serious amount of investment in Turkey. Developing the investment conditions is so essential for foreign investors who want to make direct investments to Turkey.