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We are the most comprehensive consultancy organization offering services to foreigners, including immigrant relations management and civil society organizations founding in Turkey. We introduce a new way of offering services to all related sectors, we set a good example to our rivals, we give priority to our customers and make them feel special.

  • We take quick decisions and put them into implementation through our experienced personnel and our departments.
  • We treat equally the personnel working within our business and we offer them special trainings to develop themselves personally and professionally.
  • Each decision that we implement has a job related justification.
  • As a requirement of our business, we learn more and bring about what we learn for the benefit of our customers.
  • We have certain and preset rules and procedures. Therefore, those who work with us are always one step forward.
  • Thanks to our different departments you have the opportunity to work with people specialized in all fields.
  • We configure the definition of job beforehand and we work with awareness of what we do, as well as acknowledging our duties and responsibilities.
  • As we work with a vast number of people our environment and network are very wide.

With the knowledge that each of our customers has its own unique requirements and conditions, we evaluate the opportunities and problems with fresh and unbiased perspective from the very beginning until the end. Such evaluation offers us the ability to produce creative and feasible solutions for the management and operation of technical issues.
We are open to new opportunities.




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