The concept of e-signature has become obligatory in many different areas of legal processes in Turkey.

We can list the main usage areas of e-signature below:

  • In e-government application (
  • In public projects (UYAP, Ministry of Industry, EKAP …) where e-signatures are required,
  • Within the scope of MERSİS Project,
  • In customs and foreign trade transactions,
  • In the Registered Electronic Mail (PEP) System,
  • In employee service contracts and all other contracts,
  • Upon submission of bank instructions,
  • On performance, permit, overtime and expense forms,
  • In signing the resolutions of the General Assembly, the Board of Shareholders and the Board of Directors,
  • In the order process in dealer network communication,
  • In the e-Signing of the electronic archive,
  • You can use it in all applications that require a wet signature.