Top Export Products Made in Turkey, and Turkey’s Exporter Countries

Turkey, which is the 100th year of independence in 2023, had put $ 500 billion export target. Especially automotive, white goods and ready-to-wear sectors are the most prominent sectors for realizing this target.
In 2017, Turkey’s exports increased by 10:22% compared to 2016 increased from 142.5 billion to $ 156 billion. In 2017, the second highest export level of the country’s history was reached. The highest exports were 157.6 billion in 2014. Come now, let’s look at Turkey’s most exporting countries and products as of 2017.
Most Exported Products in Turkey
continuous automotive industry for 12 years at the peak of exports from Turkey is # 1. In 2017, 28.5 billion dollars of exports were supplied from automotive. Of this amount, Ford, Toyota, Tofas, Oyak Renault, Mercedes-Benz Turk, Robert Bosch, Truck and Man of gigantic companies like Goodyear has been reached thanks to the vehicles manufactured in factories in Turkey.

Ready-made Clothing and Textile
Turkey continues to grow thanks to investments made in the textile and garment sectors since the 1980s way. textile and apparel sector in Turkey is also flourishing as a largely export-oriented.
By 2014, the Turkish ready-to-wear and textile sector is the world’s 8th largest ready-to-wear exporter with a share of 3.4% worldwide. European Union countries are also in the 4th rank after exporting from China, Bangladesh and Germany.
In 2017, the Turkish ready-to-wear and textile sector has signed a total of $ 12.5 billion worth of exports.

White Goods
Turkey has exported a total of 25 million 700 thousand units of white goods in 2017. As a result of incentives provided to investors especially about private consumption tax, the growth rate of the white goods sector was 7.3% in 2017. There was a 6% increase in exports of white goods.
72% of white goods in Turkey exporting to other European Union countries. Especially the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are the countries where the white goods exports are made the most.
If Turkey’s leading companies in the white goods sector Arçelik, Beko, Vestel, Demirdöküm, Profilo, Indesit, Ariston brands such examples we can give.

Agriculture and Food Products
Turkey is a fertile country’s agricultural production due to climatic conditions and fertile soils. Between 2002 and 2016, exports of agriculture and food products increased by 4 times from 3.7 billion to 16.2 billion dollars.
the best country in Europe since 2005, agricultural production in Turkey, which last 15 years, agricultural and food products has already given a total of $ 58 billion export surplus in foreign trade.
In addition, the direction and finishing the import of agricultural gıdacılık government incentives in the field and out of Turkey’s agricultural and food products to be imported to a country that is also being studied intensively. In 2018, farmers and farmers engaged in agriculture and food products will receive $ 14.5 billion in support.

Top Export Markets in Turkey
Turkey’s top exporting countries are European Union countries as you can imagine. According to the Turkey Statistical Institute data, Turkey’s top exporting countries is as follows:

Exports to Germany are over $ 13 billion since 2011. In 2017, a total of $ 15.1 billion was exported to Germany. The experience of Germany in 3 million Turkish citizens in Turkey’s exports for many years to take the first place in Germany is undoubtedly an important factor.

The import automotive sector in the UK is at the forefront while the textile and machinery sector is at the top three. In 2017, exports to the UK were $ 9.6 billion.
United Arab Emirates
In the United Arab Emirates, exports totaled $ 9.2 billion in 2017.

Iraq, which is in the area of export to a country which borders with neighboring Turkey ranks in the front row. In 2016, $ 7.6 billion worth of goods were sold to Iraq, which exceeded $ 9 billion in 2017.

Turkey export products to the United States as machine parts, cement, copper and plastic to sell products. While exports to the US in 2016 were 6.6 billion, this amount reached 8.6 billion dollars in 2017.

In 2017, $ 8.4 billion of exports were made to Italy, especially in the automotive and textile sectors

The products exported to France are mainly machine parts, plastic and chemicals. In 2017, exports to France amounted to $ 6.5 billion.

Turkey sells products such as olive oil and citrus fruits and especially automotive to Spain. The export figure exceeded 6.3 billion in 2017. This figure was in the level of $ 4.9 billion in 2016.

Netherlands is one of Turkey’s top exporting countries in the automotive, electrical-conductive materials, clothing and textile sectors. In 2011, $ 3.8 billion worth of products were sold to the Netherlands, which has been exporting more than $ 3 billion since 2011.

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