The things that are need to known by people who want to learn Turkish

Turkish is one of the most rooted language in the world. Turkish, which is among the most spoken languages, is simple in terms of learning, and it is composed of simple rules. It is a member of Ural Altaic. Turkish is a agglutinating language.

However there are challenging parts in grammar of Turkish, there are also simple rules in daily language. Pronunciations of Turkish words are quite simple. The books, which has been written to spread Turkish and faciliate to  learning Turkish, based on very old times. “ Divanü lugati’t- Türk ” ,which has been written by Kaşgarlı Mahmut, indicates the points that need to be cared while teaching Turkish.

  • It is taken the road with examples not rules in teaching Turkish. The rule should be reached from examples, and it is provided that every information is permanent. ( It is an adopted rule in teaching foreign language)
  • To read written texts is very important in teaching Turkish. Proverbs and idioms are comprehended in a better way thanks to that.
  • Repetition is very important in Turkish. Turkish is among the most forgotten language without practice.

Turkish is not a language that is read as typed

The people ,who want to learn Turkish, need to know that. Because there are wrong informations about that for years, and these wrong infomations are perceived as true informations.  Turkish is not a language that is read as typed.

Of course, there isn’t so many difference between written form and read it. But there are differences between Turkish written language and spoken language. Especially, phrases which are related to verbs are not read as typed.

For example;

“  Yarın sabah çok erken uyanacağım.”

In daily language, the word of  uyanacağım is nor ready as typed.

This sentence is pronounced in daily life like;

“ yarın çok erken uyanıcam”

There are many dialects and accents

There are many different types of pronunciation features. You can hear that many different types of coversations with different accents and dialects in different parts of Turkish. There are different linguistic patterns in Turkey, which has rich variety in terms of cultural, like Black Sea accent, East accent and Aegean accent.

The words do not lose their meanings, but they lose their sound features. They become a different linguistic structure in dialects and accents. To gain information about dialects and accents will be useful in teaching Turkish. Because it can be difficult to communicate with a Turk because of difference dialects and accents even if you know Turkish to express yourselves.

The place of Turkish in digital world

You can learn Turkish with mobile applications like in the many of language world. Free learning Turkish system which ,is prepared by Yunus Emre Institution, is the one of the things that are need to known. The funny contexts and manner of telling with videos can be a great beginning for the ones who want to learn Turkish.

Learning Turkish in Turkey

The best way ,that is need to be done to learn a new language, is to go to the country. For the ones who prefer Turkey to learn Turkish, it is need to be preferred places which are spoken simple language without dialects or accents. İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Eskişehir can be prefered to go.

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