The Story of Turkish Flag and It’s Meaning

Turkish flag is a red flag with white star and crescent according to 3th article of constitution of Turkey Republic. In other words, the shape, the formation, and the usage of flag are saved by an unchanged article of constitution. In adition to this, there is a Law on Turkish Flag.

Because of that, flag is blessed for Turkish people. People fly a flag on national feasts. Turkish flag is used on special days. To insult with writing or motional is banned by law. It is not accepted to tear, burn, or throw on the ground. There are legislative regulations aimed at these situations. Before the laws, Turkish people’s morality cannot accept these disrespect. It means that Turkish flag is special and valued  for Turkish people.

The History of Turkish Flag

There is no certain information about the history of Turkish flag. But there are some rumours about how the flag was occured. The most certain information is that star and crescent ,which is in the flag, was used by Turkish and Islamic governments in different terms.

It can be seen that the cross represents christianity and star and crescent represent islamic. It is told that the flag ,which is the most closest to today’s flag,  began to used after the first battle of kosovo in ottoman period. Although the war finished with conquest of Ottoman Empire, thousands of soldiers died in this war. Rumour has it that moon shaping in crescent was reflected on blood of soldiers on the night of war (28 july 1389). That made a shape which looked like tha flag that is used today.

Also we can see  in the researches that the position celestial bodies of kosova on 28 July 1389 reminds of our flag.

The usage ,which is the most closest to Turkish flag , happened in the time of 3.Selim on 18th centruy. This situation causes to question the truth of war of kosovo in the respect of explaining 400 years between 14th century and 18th century.

Sultan Abdülmecid provided to make Turkish flag pentacle.

In the term of Turkey Republic Government,  it was made a law that is intended for the shape and using of Turkish flag on 29 May 1936. Then it is made an adding intended for size of the flag.

In the prodution of flag, it is forced to comply with the rates ,which are shown in below, by Law on Turkish flag.

The Meaning of Turkish flag

It is accepted that Star and crescent was reflected on blood of soldiers because of that, colour of  Turkish flag is blood colour. so many people spilled their blood to save the government. For this reasons, Turkis flag is blessed and valuable. For example, Turkish flag is put only on the martyr’s coffin because only the people, who laid down their lifes, have the honour of that.

It is thought that crescent represents islamic religious and star represents independence. Whatever happens, Turkish flag is a reassuring symbol both for the people living in Turkey and people of friendly nations, which approach to Turkey as friendly.



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