The new regulations for foreigners who work in the tourism sector

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security also provided facilities at the base salary levels and employment criteria to be paid to foreigners working in the tourism sector, to be valid until 31.12.2016, in order to support the tourism sector adversely affected by regional events in 2016.

According to the regulations, in the announcement declared from The Ministry of Labor and Social Security General Directorate of International Labor Force at 14.02.2017, it was decided that the additional facilities will continue to be increased in 2017 as a result of requests from sector representatives.

The regulations is as follows:

A) Labor demand for foreigners in tourism sector

In its constitution;

  • At least three star tourism establishments certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism who certify that they have an accessible massage parlors, certified holiday villages, thermal houses with permission from the official authorities,
  • The facilities includes complex of hammam-sauna-SPA and etc. which have an aggreement (contractual) with licensed tourism establishments
  • The authorized sports centers which have at least twenty Turkish citizens as worker
  • The foreign worker demands will be assessed for jobs that require expertise and mastery, such as masseur, masseuse and SPA therapist, the demands of businesses and workplaces which are not in this scope will not be approved

B) Minimum fee for foreigners in the tourism sector

To be valid until 31.12.2017;

  • The tourism establishments certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the businesses operating within these establishments (small businesses like SPA, beauty center, sports center, hairdresser, jeweler, leather, carpet, textile etc.), travel agencies, certified holiday villages and tourism-animation companies and seperate entertainment venues can apply the minimum fee for foreigners which is the minimum wage in effect as of the date of application.
  • If the tourism establishments certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, certified holiday villages, tourism-animation organization companies employ at least ten Turkish citizens for foreigners to be employed in jobs requiring expertise and mastery.

If at least one Turkish citizen is employed in enterprises which are authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism or not (small businesses like hairdresser, jeweler, leather, carpet, textile sales etc.), for foreigners who will be employed, it will be up to two foreign workers,

The quota regarding five Turkish citizen employment for each foreigner seperately will not be applied as well.

C) Social security premiums

For foreigners who took work permit, provided that the provisions of bilateral social security agreements are reserved, social security premiums also need to be paid.

Social security premiums belonging to foreigners must be notified to the Social Security Institution over 30 days per month according to the wage declared to the Ministry when while obtaining a work permit.


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