Update : 03.09.2015 Overstaying in Turkey might occur in three possible ways;  A foreign national, might overstay a visa; or might breach the 90 in 180 days rule during his/her stay in Turkey, or might continue to stay in Turkey without renewing his/her residence permit after its expiry period.

90 in any 180 Days Rule In compliance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10.10.2011, No: 2011/2306, starting from 01 February 2012, total duration of stay of foreigners who visit Turkey as tourists cannot exceed 90 days in any 180 days period. Foreigners, who are intending to stay in Turkey longer than mentioned period (90 days in 180 days period), are required to apply for residence permit.

An overstayer, in all mentioned circumstances, will be subject to administrative fine and as well as might be barred to re-enter Turkey lawfully for a fixed term.


In case of overstaying tourist visa (or breaching 90/180 days rule)  or exceeding validity period of residence permit, foreigners will be subject to administrative fines.   According to Law on Duties no: 492 section 6, failing to apply for residence permit or failing to renew the existing one, does not prevent collection of the fees for overstayed period. Administrative fine may vary according to the nationality of the foreigner. This fee is calculated on the basis of double amount of existing permit fee charges. In addition to the permit fees, if applicable, administrative fine may include residence permit card fee  and single entry visa fee.  (For details permit fees page.)




























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Hong Kong




Ivory Coast









K. Marino


1  $

0.5 $

0.4 $

0.3 $

0.2 $

13,30 TL


10-25 $

5-14 $

4-9 $

3-7 $

2-5 $

24,80-126,70 TL


25 $

14 $

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7 $

5 $

126,70 TL


5 $

3.5 $

2.5 $

1.5 $

0.5 $



An entry ban is imposed to the foreign nationals who are staying in Turkey illegally when they don’t have valid visa or a valid residence permit.

In case of an overstay of less than 10 days, no entry ban will be imposed.  Moreover "entry ban order will not be issued against the foreigners who exceed the duration of visa, visa exemption or residence permit for more than ten days and arrive at the border gates to exit before a removal decision is taken against them. However, the foreigners who violate the mentioned durations of visa, visa exemption, work permit or residence permit will pay a fine." (For more information you may consult to the  Ministry of Interior Directorate General  of Migraion Management -Frequently Asked Questions about Foreigners.)

The Length of ban is approximately corresponds to the length of overstayed period.  Notification about the entry ban period and the administrative fine is issued at the border gates.  In case of failing to pay imposed administrative fine, a foreign national might be barred to enter Turkey for five years period.

Maximum duration of an entry ban to Turkey is five years. "The entry ban to Turkey for foreigners whose visa or residence permit has expired and who has applied to the governorates to exit from Turkey before their situation is established by the competent authorities upon which a removal decision has been taken, shall not exceed one year." (Art.9/4  Law no 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection)

Entry ban might be lifted in case the overstayed person applies to the Turkish missions abroad for the relevant type of visa. Applications are forwarded to the Turkish Ministry of Interior for approval and the visa can be issued upon the affirmative instructions of the Ministry.

[box] Please consider that the website you have visited contains general information only, not legal advice. Although Expatuci Relocation has taken great care in compiling the content of Expat Guide publication and Expat Guide Turkey website,we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate and complete.[/box]


  • For Entry Ban, you may consult to Articles 9 and 10, for new deportation rules you may consult to the second part (section 4) of the Law no.6458.
  • For the interpretation of the Law no.6458,you may consult to the official page of Directorate General of the Migration Management. Frequently Asked Questions about Foreigner


176 Responses

  1. Hi, my wife & son’s one-year ikamets expired on April 10.
    We will fly to England on April 17 & return on April 23. We will pay the fine before passport control.
    We will only stay in Turkey 2.5 months after our return.
    Can I obtain 3-month e-visas (& print) before our departure?
    Thanks for your help!

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Kevin,

      You might be able to get an e-Visa for your wife and son. You have 10 days to exit the country after the expiration date and this mostly will not be any problem for you or your family. However you should note that the officers at the customs might ask you to pay the penalty.
      You cannot get an e-visa during your Stay in Turkey, you will be able to apply for the e-Visa once you exited the Turkish territory. Also you should note that the at your net entry of territory the officers at the custom might ask you to apply for a residency permit within the 10 days of your enter.

      Best regards,
      ExpatguideTurkey Team

  2. hi.
    I have been studying in Turkey for the last 4 years with a valid resident permit but it will expire 1 months before my graduation , so
    I when to ask for an extension of my Ikamet they asked me to either leave the country and come back for a new visa or stay until my
    graduation and pays penalty when I will be leaving.

    my question is in the period I will be overstaying in turkey without valid ikamet (resident permit) is my bank account will be shout down? will I have any problem graduating? I mean getting my diploma? or any kind of trouble?

    thank you.
    my regards

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Henry,

      If your residency permit hasn’t expire yet you should be able to apply for an extension. However if you are considered overstaying you will have to re-enter the Turkish territory in order to apply for a new residency permit.

      In the case you are overstaying your bank account will not be closed. However your graduation process will be handle by your school, and in order to get more detailled information about this subject you should check with your school management and explain them your case.

      The only main trouble you will have for overstaying is you will have to pay for a penalty at your exit of territory and it is mandatory in order to be able to re-apply for a new residency permit.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  3. good day…
    can i leave t-Turkey without my residence permit? actuall i lost my ikamet and i have to travel soon (mostly i wont come back) and my ikamet is valid till the end of 2017… now i just want to fınd out ıf can leave the contry without it

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      If you lost your ikamet card you should go to the nearest immigration office and apply for a new card stating you lost your previous one. It might be problematic at your exit of territory, officers might require to you to show your card. The immigration office can provide you with a document showing the informations on your ikamet card and a prrof that you have a residency permit. We cannot state clearly if you can or cannot leave Turkey without your residency card since it depend on the officer checkin your informations at the customs.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  4. Hello dear sir or madam.
    I am an American and I have a clothing business so I go to Istanbul almost every month.
    So a month ago when I was leaving turkey the immigration said that I have over stayed for 15 days so I paid the panilty and I asked them if there wouldn’t be any problem for my next trip coming back , they said no you are fine.
    So after a month I came back to Istanbul but unfortunately I did not have a empty visa pages in my passport so the officer said go to the immigration they might use your last visa. So when I gave my passport they called someone else and took me to their office and asked me that you have over stayed I said yes only 15 days and I paid the panilty. So they took me to the other office and asked me to sign some papers I said what is it. They did not respond much so the next thing they took me next to gate and I said what’s going on they said you will be deported after maybe five minutes I was inside airplane and back to Dubai. So when I was back I went to turkish embassy to asked what’s next. After they checked my passport they said they have not find anything to stop you from going back so they could not suggest me anything. so I don’t really know what to do now cause my kids are living in istanbul and I have a bought a home there too so really don’t know what to do or where to get an exact information regarding this matter cause I don’t want to get to any other deportation or any kind a problems.

    Thank you so much if kindly let me know what to do next. Appreciated best regards

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Basir,

      Once you have been overstaying for one time, at you second enter of territory you will have to apply for a residency permit within 10 days. Most of the time a paper is given at you at the airport stating you have to apply for a residency permit in 10 days of your enter. You case is very unfortunate and can be considered special. For more detailed information you should check with you local consulate or embassy to check if you any ban from territory. If you have any ban you have to figure out a solution with the embassy they can provide you with special Visa. Also since you already have a home in Turkey and you can provide this as a proof they will mostly find a solution. However this decision is up to the embassy or consulate.
      If you don’t have any ban then you will be able to re-enter Turkey and you will have to apply for a residency permit.
      It look like they have been a big misunderstanding in your case and the immigration office thought you overstayed for a second time.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  5. Hi, I entered turkey in sep 2016 and applied for residency. I got residency that is going to expire in 1 jul 2017. My education is also finishing within 1 july 2017. However i want remain here for 3 or 4 months as a tourist to visit and see different cities of turkey. What options availablr to be.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      You will have to apply for a new residency permit in order to stay longer in Turkey.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  6. Hi!
    Thx a lot for the provided information!
    I would like to overstay my Visa for 6 or 7days. As I learned now, the only thing that’s gonna happen is that i’ll have to pay a panalty at the airport, is that correct? Nobody knows the amount right?

    Also what if police is checking my Residence Permit during my “overstay-time”?

    Is there any chance to lenghten my residence permit for this short amount of time?
    thx a lot!

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr David,

      Unfortunately the extension for the Visa is not possible and the you cannot have a residency permit for a couple of day.
      If the police check you residency permit and you are overstaying the police will only warn you that you are overstaying.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  7. hello thank you very much for all your assistance . please i will like to ask for some one who overstayed with a student visa for up to 1 year. and payed his penalty when exiting , will he be banned from re entering turkey ?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Tonny,

      If the foreign citizen has paid the penalty at the exit of Turkey they should be able to get a second Visa for Turkey. However at their second enter in Turkey they might be requested to apply for a Residency permit within 10 days.
      Our company can process the application for the residency permit if they enter Turkey with a valid visa.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  8. Hi

    I came to Istanbul with tourist visa to do an exam here, my allowed duration of stay is only one month ( during 3 months period) .

    Before my visa expired, I applied for short term residence permit and got appointment on May.

    Actually, I am planning to travel back to my country before this appointment date because I only need until the end of April to do some exams and go home.

    I know that I have to pay penalty in the airport if I did not reach my appointment ,

    1- how much the expected amount of this penalty ( the expected duration of over stay is around 50 days) , is it around 120 or 150 TL ??

    2- If I paid this penalty at the Air port and went home, what are the future consequences if I want to come to Turkey again in the future ?

    Thank you very much

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Adnan,

      The best advice we can give is to stay until the appointment and get your residency permit and then go to your home country.

      Unfortunately we cannot calculate your penalty it will be calculated at your exit at the customs.

      If you are planning to re-enter Turkey you must pay your penalty at your exit, otherwise you will not be able to get a new Visa. If you pay the penalty you will be able to get a new Visa. However at your second enter in Turkey you might be required to apply for a residency permit, which you should apply within 10 days of your arrival.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  9. Hey dear
    First of all I would like to thank you for your help,

    I have a question please, I overstayed in Turkey for 20 days after my residence permit expired and I have to go back to my country Algeria and comeback again and my question is can I be banned to enter to Turkey again and also I am going to take some documents with me to apply for work permit from Algeria in the Turkish Embassy.

    Thank you so much

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Mohammed,

      As long as you pay the penalty when you exit Turkey you will be able to re-enter Turkey. However the second time you enter Turkey you might be required to apply for a residency permit within 10 days.
      If you will apply for a work permit from abroad, as long as you pay the penalty t your exit you shouldn’t have any problem.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team,

  10. Please i came to turkey 3 year ago with tourist visa and the I didn’t do residence am married with a Turkish woman now and when I was doing my family residence paper..they asked me to go my country and come back before they can give me…so am asking if I go how long will it take me to come back and is there any thing I should know please help me

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Randy,

      Since you are overstaying in Turkey the only possibility for you is to go back in your home country and get a Visa from there. You should also pay the penalty at your exit of Turkey.
      You can come back to Turkey as soon as you get a Visa. Once you get a Visa you can apply for a Residency Permit in Turkey.
      I should lso state that since you overstayed for 3 years your penalty might be expensive.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  11. hello i overstayed 11 months and they blocked me for 1 year from turkey now i asked counsolate what i may do and they gave me a process to unblock myself through invitation lettre but i dont know how many chanches i have to get it. what do u think? how can u advice me thanks a lot

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mrs İlaria,

      In order to get a more accurate answer concerning your case you should check with the nearest Turkish consulate to you. We cannot say anything about the possibility for you to get a Visa since these procedures are undertaken by the consulate. Our best advice for you would be to get in touch with the consulate.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  12. hello,

    Can you answear me to one quastıon please? I get married with one turkish citizen here in Turkey and I want to apply for residence permit because i have turistic visa in this momentand soon this will expire. My question is what form i should complete? family one or for short term?

    thank you very much.

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mrs Elena,

      If you are legally married with a Turkish citizen you can apply for a Family Residency Permit. This applcation would be easier and faster for you.

      Our company offer Residency Permit consultancy services. We can make the application in your name if youw wish.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  13. Hi
    I have an entry ban for 6 months 5 month of which has passed. At the same time, I got my work visa from Turkish Embassy in Tehran. Can I enter Turkey before the end of six month ban with visa in my hand?

    all the best


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Said,

      If you received the work Visa stamp on your passport in the Turkish Embassy you will be allowed to enter Turkey. Moreover, to get a more accurate answer about this subject you should check with the Turkish embassy in your home country.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  14. hello its really important my mom got 3month ban from turkey for overstaying she have a new visa from the embassy and the 3momth are passed but if thete is any way to confirm that she can enter just in case cuz they already sent her back 1 time sont want risk it she is sick and she cant do the 6hours waiting

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Victor,

      Under normal circumstances Visa are only granted when ban are lifted or any other reason of inadmissibility have ended.
      However in order to get a more accurate answer of your status you should check with the Turkish Consulate or Embassy at your home Country. You will be able to get the clearest answer and more information from there.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  15. i over stayed and i’m back in one week, the offficers gave me a paper in the airport to apply for residence permit again within 10 days , in the website of the ministry , what are the steps that i should follow ? I FOUND tow links , I LODHGEI AN APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR THE FIRST TIME or I LODGE A TRANSFER APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCE PERMIT ? which one please help ! thank you !

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      In order to apply for the residency permit you must fullfil some requirement we already listed on our website. You can find more information on our webpage concerning residence permit.
      We are assuming it is your first residency in Turkey, this is why we are advicing you to apply for a short term residency permit.

      Best Regards,

  16. hello

    i had tomer kurs residence permit which i got it from ankara. then i moved to istanbul 3 month ago. due to some issues i didnt inform that i have changed my address. what should i do? do i have to pay huge penalty? how much is it per month? is there any other consequences?

    • by the way my residence permit is still valid . i just didnt inform my address has changed

      • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

        Dear Mrs Fateme,

        Since your residency permit is still valid you won’t have any penalty to pay. According to the law, you have to inform the change of adress in the 20 days following the change of adress. Our advice would be to infor the immigration of this change in adress as it was recent.

        Best Regard,
        ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

        • Thanks for your reply. But my problem is i moved about 3 months ago. I mean 20 days is passed long time ago. 🙁 i had to inform the police long time ago and i didnt. What would be my penalty? Is there a chance of deport?

          • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

            Dear Mrs Fateme,

            We understand your case, and the best advice we can give is to inform the immigration as you moved just recently.

            Best Regards,
            ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  17. Jk

    I am a student student here in Turkey for 2yrs now. My ikamet expires on the 4th of March, I have started the application but I have not chosen a date for my interview because passport was renewed and I am suppose to receive it by mail. However, I am not sure about the arrival date. How long do I have to wait without penalty after my resident permit expires? What do I do in the eventuality?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      In the past you had 10 days after the expiration of your residency permit to re-apply. However new legislation have changed this and because of these changes you have to apply before the expiration of you current residency permit. Our advice would be to go to the immigration office and check with them what you can do about your case.
      We advice you to do it urgently to not be in an overstayed status.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  18. am a Kenyan working in turkey my question is how long can i stay in turkey after my working visa is cancelled?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Heisen,

      Before the 23 January of 2017 foreign citizen whose work permit expire or is cancelled were allowed to apply for a residency permit in the next 10 days of the cancelation or the expiration of there work permit. Howver, since the 23 of january 2017 the immigration put in force a new regulation stating that foreign citizen whose work permit were cancelled or expired after this date were not allowed to apply for a residency permit. Also you are allowed to leave Turkey in the next 10 days of the expiration or cancellation of your work permit without having to pay any penalty.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  19. Hi please i need your help i came to turkey with a student visa but i came late to my school . so my school said they can not give me a student certificate now for my residence permit , that i have to wait till May when they will be having their next intake and then i have to reapply . but i need a residence permit that can cover me till that May . i applied to tomer program so i can use their document to obtain a residence permit . but they rejected it . i have also gone there with my university acceptance latter but they also rejected it .
    i am a little bit confused on what to do because my appointment date have passed . should i wait till that May and then reapply. and if i do that what will be my overstay penalty. please what will you advice me to do ?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      If your Visa has expired and you didn’t went to the appointment, unfortunately you will be considered to have overstayed from the last day of your Visa. You will have to pay a penalty at the customs. This penalty is defined by officer at the custom.
      In your case you should have applied for a short term toursitic Visa to be able to stay in Turkey an then re-apply for a Student Visa. Unfortunately, since you are considered overstaying in Turkey right now you can’t apply for any residency permit, you will be allowed to do it only when you re-enter Turkey legally.

      We trully hope you will find a solution.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  20. Hi. I was searching about long overstays in Turkey and came across this page. I read where the expat team made the following comment…..’As i understand, you overstayed 2 time in Turkey and both time you paid the penalty at your exit.
    Unfortunately, in most case, after the second overstay Visa isn’t given to foreigners.’ posted as a reply on Feb 16, 2017…..
    ı am super curious as to where that info came from.. I have read tons of ages and never seen anything like that written. I looked on another page and asked about a long overstay of 19 months and was told that I would get a huge fine and a ban but bans are 5 years unless you have made some huge problems while in Turkey.

    Can you please tell us where the ‘Unfortunately, in most case, after the second overstay Visa isn’t given to foreigners.’ info is from? This can help many people and maybe not scare the daylights out of someone.



    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mrs Shelly,

      Since 2015, foreign nationnal overstaying in Turkey have to Pay fine in order to have the right to re-enter in Turkey. This fine is calculated according to the nationality, the dureation of the overstay and other factors. The fines are calculated at the airport or custom by police officers.

      Once the foreigner has paid its at the Customes in airport he is allowed to enter back to Turkey but with the condition of making a residence permit application within first 10 days. İn case if the foreigner doesnt make a residence permit application within these 10 days and again overstayed his visa, on the leaving day he will be agained fined and also banned to re-enter to Turkey for certain period of time.

      All of the informations on this website given by our team are reliable. These informations are based on the legal procedure as well as our personnal experience. Sometime the law isn’t specific enough to explain how it will be applied thus make the application of law ambigious. These ambiguity and new rules might be applied by specifical Governmental Institution which won’t be published in official statements but can only be experienced. I hope this clarify your questions.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  21. I have just one day overstay in Turkey. what would like to know how much i am going to pay?

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Mohamed,

      Unfortunately we can’t tell you how much you will have to pay exactly. However you haven’t overstayed for a long period o time so you will have to pay only a very small amount of penalty.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  22. Hi.

    My name is Kabir and i am from afghanistan, i have a question and your answer will be appreciated . we entered turkey in 22 oct 2016 about 3 months ago with tourist visas which was valid for 30 days during its validity we applied to unhcr as asylum and we moved to a province which unhcr told us , here we got our foreign kimilik which is issued from valilik of this province. now my parents want to apply for ikamet to stay anywhere they want to stay in turkey . now my question is that will turkey gov will issue ikamet for them although their visas are expired and they are overstayed more than 3 months ? ( in this period they had a residence permit which is foreign kimilik ) thanks in advance for the answer 🙂

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Kabir,

      As i understand you are legally staying in Turkey with a internationnal protection residency, however your parents applied for a touristic residency permit.
      According to the law to get a residency permit in Turkey Foreigners must have a legal residency in Turkey, this mean at least a Visa first. If your parents has overstayed in Turkey nothing can be done for them, they must first exist and re-enter Turkey to apply for a residency permit.
      Since we didn’t understand exactly the kind of residency your parents got (Foreign Kimlik ?), we would like you to send us the photo of these kimlik so we can answer your inquiry more accuratly, and give you the best answer possible for your case.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

      • Dear Sir/madam

        Thanks a lot for the reply. this foreign kimilik is a temporary residency card which is issued from the valilik of this province. and it is a legal residency card. I could not attached the photo of it and i could not find any email through which i can send you its photo. kindly let me know how to send you the photo of it.

        • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

          Dear Mr Kabir,

          You can send your documents to the mail :
          We hope to be able to provide you help.

          Best regards,
          Expat Guide Turkey Team.

          • Hi,

            Thanks a lot for the response , I sent the photo through email to the address you mentioned above and waiting for the reply.

  23. hello , i’m from egypt and i visited turkey last summer as visit visa , i stayed overstaying for 27 days , police in sabiha airport told me ” u have tp pay 90 tl now or u can pay ot when u get visa and come again ” , i agreed to pay when i will come again ,
    i applied for second visa last month and i got it i didn’t tell them that i overstaying without paying , and they give me normal visa i traveled there and in ataturk airport they told me ” u have ban ” , and i traveled bk to egypt ,
    note : i went to embassy to asked them to remove this ban they told me apply for new visa and write paper to embassy that asked to remove this ban

    my question : what the suitable step to take visa and remove ban ?

    • Hi Ahmed Ali,
      What kind of visa did you apply the second time? And how long was the ban?


  24. Dear sir or madam,

    My duration of stay in turkey is 90 days I become overstay 21 days and on departure I paid penalty on my re-enter police give me a letter to sign that I should apply in 10 days for residence permit but I could not and after 20 days on my second departure I paid penalty again, can I re-enter to turkey to get another 10 days to applying for residence permit,

    kind regards


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Mustafa,

      As i understand, you overstayed 2 time in Turkey and both time you paid the penalty at your exit.
      Unfortunately, in most case, after the second overstay Visa isn’t given to foreigners. To get more information about your case you should go to the turkish Consulat in Egypt, and ask there for a Visa, not an e-Visa. If the consulat provide you with a Visa, then once you re-enter Turkey you will be able to apply for a residency permit. If you can’t get the Visa from the Consulat, you won’t be able to enter Turkey and thus won’t be able to apply for a residency permit.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  25. Hello,
    first of all thanks for this valuable website,

    I have already valid visa and on my departure I become overstay I paid the penalty, on my re-enter police give me a letter for 10 days and I could not apply for residence permit in these days, on my departure I paid penalty again and now I don not know can I re-enter again to get another 10 days with this visa to apply for residence permit or not.

    kind regards,


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Osman,

      As i understand, you overstayed 2 time in Turkey and both time you paid the penalty at your exit.
      Unfortunately, in most case, after the second overstay Visa isn’t given to foreigners. To get more information about your case you should go to the turkish Consulat in Egypt, and ask there for a Visa, not an e-Visa. If the consulat provide you with a Visa, then once you re-enter Turkey you will be able to apply for a residency permit. If you can’t get the Visa from the Consulat, you won’t be able to enter Turkey and thus won’t be able to apply for a residency permit.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  26. Dear sir or madam

    I become overstay and on departure I paid penalty on my re-enter to turkey the police give me a letter for 10 days but I could not apply for ikamat and on my departure I paid again penalty now I don not know that can I re-enter to turkey to get 10 days for apply ikamat or not please help me I appreciate a lot.

    best regards


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Mustafa,

      As i understand, you overstayed 2 time in Turkey and both time you paid the penalty at your exit.
      Unfortunately, in most case, after the second overstay Visa isn’t given to foreigners. To get more information about your case you should go to the turkish Consulat in Egypt, and ask there for a Visa, not an e-Visa. If the consulat provide you with a Visa, then once you re-enter Turkey you will be able to apply for a residency permit. If you can’t get the Visa from the Consulat, you won’t be able to enter Turkey and thus won’t be able to apply for a residency permit.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  27. Ikamet expired – returning with new e-visa?

    My 6 month Ikamet expired in December, and I applied for a 2 year renewal in Mersin. Because I will not live in Mersin now, I would like to cancel my application, leave Turkey for a day, and return with a new e-visa, then re-apply in Ankara where I will live. I have one question:

    1-Can I pay a fine, leave Turkey and return the next day with an e-visa?

    I’m afraid they will tell me to stay outside for 90 days.

    Thank you

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Jonathan,

      To answer your question, yes you can pay your fine and re-enter in Turkey but this can be a problem in some cases.
      As if you don’t got to the appointment you will be considered to have overstayed from the last day you stayed legally in Turkey. You should consider this point. For this you should first cancel your application and then, as you said, get abroad and re-enter with a Visa in Turkey and apply for a Residency Permit in Ankara.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  28. hi I’m an Iranian tourist who went to turkey on 29.11.2012 and returned to iran on 8.03.2013 wich will equal to 99 days of staying in turkey.when i was returning to iran by train in iran turkey border , they told me to pay a fine the next time i intended to enter turkey….I wanted to know the penalties and consequences of this 9 days of overstaying for me..I want to travel to turkey a few months from now that will be 4 years and 7 months since last i left turkey..would you please help me with this? pleaseee

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Ashkan,

      The penalty fine MUST be paid when you get abroad of Turkey. If you haven’t paid the fine you might be forbidden to enter the Turkish Territory for a temporary time. The lenght of this ban depend on the time of overstay and other factors and will be told you at the custom.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  29. Hi ExpatGuideTurkey team,

    thank you for all the useful information.

    I am right now in the situation that I entered Turkey in the beginning of September with a tourist visa, applied for a residence permit that is valid from 01.10.2016 until 01.02.2017 and left in the middle of January. I am planning to visit friends around mid-end of February and I am now not sure if I can enter again, since I don’t know if the days of the residence permit count as visa days and therefore I don’t have any of my 90 days of tourist visa left (and would overstay though).

    If you have any information/clue about this, I would be grateful if you could help me out on this.

    Best Regards,

    • Dear Nicky,

      As I understood you were staying in Turkey on residence permit and left the country when your residency was valid yet. As your residence permit has already been expired you can come back to Turkey on the basis of evisa and stay here for 90 days within 180 days.

      Thank you and kidn regards,

      ExpatGuideTurkey team

    • Hı dear, I overstay in turkey and on departure i paid the penalty after two month I ‘re enter and police give me a letter that I should apply for residents permit in 10 days but I couldn’t and again on my departure I paid the penalty please let me know can I can give the letter for 10 days to apply for residents permit bcz I have one year valid visa multiple

      • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        If you didn’t applied for a residency permit the second time you might be banned from entering Turkey for a certain amount of time. In order to get a more accurate answer for your cvase you should check with the nearest consulate to you.
        In most case the second time you enter Turkey you have 10 days to apply for the residency permit, if you fail to this you cannot get a third Visa. However as i told you it is better for you to get in touch with the nearest Turkish Consulate or Embassy to you in order to get more accurate information about your case.

        Best Regards,
        ExpatGuideTurkey Team.

  30. Hi, I am Hakimah, student from Malaysia. I am joining student exchange programme in Turkey for almost 5 months. I already applied and had my ikamet. However, it will expire on 25 Jan 2017. During that times, I already being outside from Turkey which is London and I will return back to Turkey on 26 January. In my case, will there be problem for me to enter Turkey?
    And my second question, after I return back to Turkey from London, I will stay a week in Turkey before my flight back to Malaysia. During that times, my ikamet has already expired. So, can I travel in Turkey and taking domestic flight? And if there is problem for me to exit Turkey, what can I do? Thank you in advance

    • Dear Mr. Hakimah,

      Thank you very much for your message and sorry for delayed answer.

      Once you leave Turkey and your residence permit is expired, you can come back to Turkey only on the basis of visa. You can take domestic flights in Turkey.

      Thank you,

  31. Hi, I am American and I was given a three month ban for overstaying in Turkey. I want to return as soon as possible, my three months are over soon. Can I just print a new visa and return? What do I have to do to enter the country when my ban is over?

    • Hello Amie,

      Thanks for your message.

      Once the re-entry ban will be over, you can get a new e-visa and come back to Turkey. İf you plan to stay here for more than 90 days, my suggestions will be to apply for short term residence permit.

      Thanks and best wishes,

  32. i wont to know what to do now because my passport has expired with my residence permit and i have overstay for 7 months..i will be going coming month..if i pay my overstay…do i have have any problem of coming to turkey

    • Dear Madam/ Sir,

      As you have overstayed for 7 months, you should pay the administrative fine on departure day in airport and come back to Turkey on the next day. (Please keep the receipt until next coming to Turkey!)

  33. Hello, I found this website very useful so I want to describe my problem.

    I entered in Turkey on 19 July 2016 with my family.

    I have a work vista until december 2018 and I have applyed for resident permit visas for the other member of the family. Two children 9-7 years old and a new bord (1 year now).

    I obtained the visa for my 9 years old son, then i went to the randevu meeting yesterday 18 january. I discovered that my wife’s meeting was cancelled and fixed on 26 december (I think because an error made by my company). So she miss the appointment. For her I took another randevu meeting on 24 march.

    The others two children was okay.

    Now. The officer told my wife to leave the country pay the penalty and come back in Turkey even the day after.

    I would like to ask:

    Is this the correct procedure?

    When my wife is out she wil be able to come back?

    The police at airport told me that she need to have the V84 form. Do you know that form?

    Please let me know because with the new born cildren the situation is now critical.

    Many thanks


    • I did this, along with my adult son. It didn’t help anything at all except we had to pay fines. Came back to Istanbul from Kos, Greece and we were in the same boat. Ours had been expired maybe only a few months. Any longer and you are in trouble. I worry about that late appointment for your wife. This happened to my son. I had made a mistake and chose “family” for the online application and appointment because I thought the appointment would be for both of us. It was not. It was only for me. I got the appointment and my permit card. We went online and got another appointment for my son several months later. When he went, they told him not possible for a resident permit card and he must leave the country and they didn’t know the penalty. They also gave him a paper that we couldn’t read. My advice is not to leave the country unless you are prepared to take the risk of not being readmitted. We got lucky. I don’t know at which point they will not let you back into the country. I know when we reentered in Bodrum, they gave us a hard time and I was worried about them letting us back in. I rent an apartment here in Istanbul and everything I own is here along with my life.

    • Dear Mr. Alberto,

      That is correct, once the visa has been expired you cannot get a new appointment date for your wife. The only way is to leave the country, pay the penalty and come back on the basis of new visa. Once she enter back to Turkey, she should apply for residence permit within 10 days.


  34. Thanks for posting such useful info. I’ve accidently overstayed my Turkish residence permit by 10 days. It was just a silly mistake on my part that I thought my residency was expiring at the end if the month when actually it expired mid-month. Anyway, I immediately booked a trip outside if the country so that I can pay my fine and get a tourist visa when I return to Turkey. My question is: Will a travel ban be applied to me equivalent to the time I overstayed? I wasnt aware of this and I booked a 2 day trip… I appreciated your help and advice.

    • Dear Mr. Taylor,

      İf the penaly will be fully paid by your side in the airport, you can come back to Turkey on the next day. Once you enter Turkey you have 10 days in order to apply for residence permit.

      Thanks and kind regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  35. Hi a Friend of mine has a problem and I will like some help he entered turkey with a transit visa and he was planning to leave after the 5days but unfortunately he had some issues and he couldn’t make it so he overstayed for 1 month 5 days .he want to know if it will be possible for him to register for a school for masters pay for his overstay fine and get a student residence and be legal .

    • Dear Raissa,

      Thanks for your email.

      As your friends has been overstaying in Turkey. I will suggest him to leave the country and pay fine in airport. Once he will return back to his homecountry, he should apply for student visa at the Turkish representative in his own country. Once the visa will be issued he can come back to Turkey for studying.

      Best regards,

      Expat Guide Turkey.

      • Hi dear
        Thanks for your previous reply it was really helpful. Nevertheless I have another question if someone overstays in turkey let’s say for 2 or 3 months and leaves while leaving he pays his fine .can this be a reason for a visa refusal if the person applies for a student visa for France from his home country?and also in case the person gets The Student visa for France and later on want to come back to turkey just as a tourist just for some few weeks will the Turkish embassy grant him the visa.

  36. Greetings,

    Thank you for such an informative and helpful website. I had a question that hopefully you can help me with.

    My family and I were living in Aksaray for 1 year on a 1 year tourist residence permit. When it came time to renew we were not able to renew and exited the country and returned a few days later and were given a 90 day tourist visa. Before our 90 day tourist visa expired we made an appointment in Konya for a student visa for me to learn Turkish and a family visa for my family. My family was rejected because I didn’t have a visa yet and I was rejected a few days later because they said I needed apply for the student vise from inside my country (I am American). We have been given 10 days to establish residency in a new city. We have plans to leave Turkey for New Years and return on January 8th. We had these plans before we were rejected. It appears we will overstay the 10 days by a couple of days. We didn’t make a new appointment because we were told we were not supposed to leave the country if we have an appointment at the Goc office. Here are my questions:

    1. We fly out of Konya to Istanbul and then out of the country. Where will we pay the fine for overstaying?
    2. Do you think we will get a ban from returning?
    3. Do you think we will be allowed back in on Jan 8th to establish residency in another city due to the 90/180?
    4. When we fly back on Jan. 8th can we pay a fine or sign a document saying we are going to establish residency in 10 days somewhere?

    Thank you very much for any help you can give.



    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear William,

      We appologise fo the late reply.
      To answer your question :
      1- You will pay the fine at the customs, in Istanbul, when you are living the country.
      2-We don’t think you will get a ban if you pay your penalty.
      3-The 90/180 day rule might result in problems to get a Visa, but since we don’t know exactly your time spent in Turkey we can’t answer this quaetion accuratly.
      4-There is no actual document you can sign at the Airport stating you will get back for residency permit in Turkey. Residency Permit are the subjet of immigration offices only.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

  37. Hello, Am from ghana and a student, My resident permit renewal was delayed because i could not obtain my new passport in time. I overstayed for a year before getting the new passport. Can i know how much i am expected to pay(estimation) so i can prepare before i get to the airport to avoid the ban. Thank you

    • Dear Fred,

      Thank you very much for your message.

      As you mentioned correctly in order to get a residence permit, firstly you should leave Turkey and pay a penalty at Customs in airport. We cannot tell you how much it will be excatly the administration fee. My suggestions will be to go to airport in order to check out the amount of fee.

      Thanks and best regards;

      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  38. Hi, and thanks for posting this information. We have a bit of a complicated situation…

    We made an appointment for residency (for myself and 2 kids) before our permit expired, but made it a few months out, as recommended by our local foreigners office, to allow for my husband’s renewed work permit to arrive first. At that appointment, they required additional documents from our home country (a police report and apostilles on all documents). Receiving those documents took longer than the allotted 30 day period they gave us, so we were advised to make a new appointment and allow enough time for all the documents to return to us. We were told not to exit the country but that we would have a fine for overstaying and may have to repay the RP fees. So we did this, went to our new appointment, and were told they would not renew our cards because the expiration was too long ago. We were told we have to leave and re-enter Turkey with a new visa and apply for residency again within 10 days of our return.

    I’m naturally frustrated and panicked as we complied with the foreigners office, but still have found ourselves in this situation. So my questions are…

    – Do they determine the amount of days expired based on the original expiry of the old RP cards or the date of our forst appointment/fee payments?
    – Are they still enforcing bans in this type of situation? The Goc Idaresi told us they were not, but my understanding is that the border police issue the penalty, not that office, so I have my doubts.
    – When will we find out what our penalty is? Is it upon exiting Turkey, exiting the country we visit, or attempting to re-enter Turkey?
    – What happens in the event of a ban? We are thinking of visiting Greece by ferry, and I want to be prepared. Would we have to take the next ferry to Greece or be allowed to fly to our home country?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but I have had difficulty finding answers, and with two young children involved, I don’t want to end up stranded.

    • Hello,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Please find the answers to your questions below;

      1) The amount of days will be based on the original expiration date of the Residence permit card.
      2) İf you pay the full amount of penalty, you can make an entrance to Turkey at any time. İf you failed to pay the administative fine on departure day, in this case you can get a re-entry ban for certain period of time.
      3) You should pay the amount of the penalty at the departure day at Customs in airport.

      İf there will be any questions, please feel free to contact me.

      Thank you and best regards,
      Expat Guide Turkey team.

      • Good day sir please I will want to ask a few questions I enter into turkey with transit and I apply for the resident permit only for me to be told I can not apply with a transit visa on the day of my appointment and I was given 10days to leave the country and I left in the 7 day on my way out I was given a fine to pay and I did I want to return February ending back to turkey I do not know if they will give me a ban after paying the fine they just stamp me out help me with answer

  39. S&L

    I currently reside in Istanbul with a valid work permit. I got married in Ankara last May (2015) to a foreigner. My husband has overstayed his work permit by 2 years. Is there anything we can do to get him a residence permit without leaving Turkey? His home country does not appear on the list above.

    Thank you for your time and attention!

    • Dear Lauren,

      Unfortunately, there is no other ways except of leaving Turkey and pay the administrative fine at Customs in airport. Once he pay the penalty he ca come back to Turkey and apply for residence permit.

      Thanks and best regards,

      Expat Guide Turkey team

  40. Hello,
    I over stayed in Turkey more or less 3 month. I didn’t pay the administrative fine at the airport and I am banded for 5 years… I am in Uganda now and a family wants me for babysitter in Turkey. They send me the documents and I went to Turkish embassy but the work permit fee is 2500 US dolar. It is too much for family also me.
    1- How can I pay the administrative fine in Uganda or Turkish family cam pay for me in Turkey?
    2- Can I take a tourist visa?if I could, when I will arrive to airport and pay the penalty administrative fine at the airport can I enter the Turkey?
    3- Is there another method exist to work in Turkey. One of my friend tol me to take new passport and apply to tourist visa and take the resident permit and then take to work permit?
    Please help me as soon as possible… Thank you very much…

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      hello and welcome
      first of all regarding the banding from re-enter turkey
      if you didn’t had a criminal record in turkey we can make the abroad work permit and our fees is 1000 turkish lira which make about 350 $ but you gonne pay about 1500-2000 turkish lira for 5 years banding fine
      regarding the new passport if you ment not orginal one or orginal with diffrent name and so it’s might be too risk and if the turkish goverment know about it ((it will)) you going to have banding for rest of your life
      if you want to use our services please let the turkish family contact us to explain them what should they do
      hope that i gave you helpful informations…have nice day
      444 7 284

  41. I am a French citizen and therefore do not need a visa and can enter Turkey with a simple ID card.
    I have sojourned 3 times in Turkey this year till Sept. 6, for a mix of business (I am working as a Consultant for the Government in Ankara – who prepared me a letter for the relevant administration) and tourism (Antalya, Kas, Bodrum, etc.), respectively for 41 days, starting in June, 30 days arriving on 12 July (exiting to Bulgaria on 26/7 in the morning and returning the same day in the evening) and 16 days (landing in Ataturk on 22 August).

    During my second trip on July 12, I took out of the shelf my daughter’s passport instead of mine, and therefore had to enter Turkey with my ID card. Since I did not return home meanwhile, I had to do the same when flying back and forth from Istanbul to Sofia in Bulgaria on 26/7. Consequently, there is no stamp left on my passport from my stay from 12 July to 10 August.

    I am now back for a fourth time, starting from 19/9. Tomorrow will be my last day within the 90 days authorised.
    I am planning to apply for a short-term residence permit tomorrow, since I might keep on needing to stay in Turkey till August next year.

    I dont worry much about overstaying by a week till 29/9, considering I risk only a fine.

    However, I am wondering:
    – Should I need to remain in Turkey till my appointment with the Administration: I fear I might be blocked at my return for the appointment -and thus risking to be delayed till January ?
    – How does the border police check the length of my cumulated stays ? Through the entry and exit stamps on my passport (in which case they miss the period I was in the country from 12/7 to 10/8 and I have no problem at all) or through a SIS-like database (PolNet) which calculates a moving cumulated sojourn duration with the 6 months period from the exit date ? (and if so, is the software able to recognise my entering with an ID and with a passport ?)

    Kind regards,


  42. Hello dear expatguide-team,

    hopefully you can provide me with some usefull help regarding my issue…me and my family (all european passport holders except for my wife who is iranian) have entered turkey on June 23rd 2016 (only 7 more days left for RP application. We would like to extend our stay in Istanbul and apply for a short term resident permit (1 year). The problem is that one our paasports is only valid untill April 2017, thus less than one year. What would the procedure be like? If approved by the ministry, would all get one year RP and the one with the soon expiring passport would only attain RP till April 2017? Would you recommend us to return to our home-country renew the passport and then apply within the remaining days of our 90 days/within 180 for a RP?

    Hope to read from you soon,
    best regards


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      hello and welcome
      firs of all i just want to Apology to late comment
      we had a technical problems we couldn’t answer
      now if you stayed in turkey as over stayed you shoud leave the country and came back then you can make a new residence permit
      if you already have one just wish you a good luck
      waiting for your question to answer it

  43. Hello.

    I have two questions.

    1. If I pay a fine for overstaying my visa at the airport, will i be exempt from a re-entry ban?
    I am more concerned with this re-entry ban penalty.

    2. Where should I turn to in order to know the exact amount I will be charged at the airport?
    I was guided to contact border control division in Police department by 159 call centers. Is that tue?

    I appreciate a lot for your help for helpless expats living in Turkey.

    Waiting for your advice.


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      hello and welcome sir
      first of all yes it is right you are gonne pay the fine in the airport
      the police is gonne to account the fine
      second there is nothing to scared about becouse the re-entry ban just if you refused to pay the fine of over staying in turkey
      it was our pleasure to help you

  44. Good day! I am from the philippines, my residence permit expired last august 26, 2016. But i am leaving today 10th of september. Do you know how much it costs for the fine? Also what will they do or say to me? Thank you so much

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      regarding the fine fees we can’t know it becouse the police in the airport should account it
      but in case you refused to pay the fine you are gonne be ban for 5 years of coming back again to turkey
      don’t worry thy not gonne say any thing to you 🙂

  45. iam Egyptian and am here in turkey-Izmir for short period work , actually i have a fixed term work permit ,my wife came with me but it visa is accompany and its valid for only 30 days ,how can i extend it for another 3 months after the validity end , and if it over stayed for 3 months what will happens when leave

    • İn order to stay in Turkey for longer period of time, foreigner should apply for short term residence permit. İn case if a foreigner has oversatyed the visa, he/she should pay a fine at the departure day or will be banned from en-entering back to Turkey.

    • Hello,
      İn order to stay in Turkey for longer period of time, foreigner should apply for short term residence permit. İn case if a foreigner has oversatyed the visa, he/she should pay a fine at the departure day or will be banned from en-entering back to Turkey.

      Best regards,

  46. Hello, me and my wife came to Turkey on a 30 days visit visa to appear in an embassy. if we will have to stay one week more after our expiry of visa then will there be any problem? and how much fine we will have to pay?

  47. I am an ERASMUS student, I am in Istanbul since February 2016 and my residence visa expired at the end of June, so before it expired I have lodged an application for extension, because I was admitted to make my second semester at University starting with September. After lodging my application and paying the new fee, I have received appointment for December. All this period I have been leaving in Istanbul and now I want to go to my country in Romania for a few days. What should I do in this regard? I have read on official government website that I need to have my application ratified with a stamp at the Provincial Directorate for Migration Management, but when I got there with my documents they said they have never heard of this method! Plus I was not carefull to print or save the link with the official information and now I cannot find it. Thank you in advance for your reply, Oana

    • Hello dear Oana,

      Thank you very much for your message.

      Regardigng the applicaiton which should be ratified with a stamp at the Migration office, it relates to the application forms which have already been submitted to the İmmigration office on appointment date. As the residency card will be delivered to home later, thus Provincial Directorate for Migration Management provides you with the applicaiton form which is tstamped and signed by officer in orderto leave tcountry without any problems.

      Regarding your issue, you should wait untill appointment date in Turkey or leave Turkey and pay penalty at Customs.


  48. Hello, My question regards an expired visa. I am a United States citizen living in Turkey that will have to apply for a residency permit and I overstayed my visa 31 days. I have came back to the United States as reqired. Do I have to stay in the United States for 90 days or 31 days. No one at the airport security could give me any information and I visited two security stations. Could you possibly help me or direct me to someone that could?

  49. Hi,

    I entered Turkey on 9th August 2016, with a touristic VISA of only 12 days. According to my VISA i have to leave turkey on 20th August 2016, but recently applied for Resident permit and got an appointment of 29th December 2016.

    According to my Business Plan, i was about to leave by 10th September, but now i do not understand, what should i do? either to leave on 20th August 2016, which is the expiry of my current VISA ? Or should i finish my work by 10th September and then leave ?

    What will happen if i leave on 10th September ? before the appointment date 29th December 2016 and after the expiry date 20th August 2016

    I am stuck !!

    Please respond at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance

    • Good day Sir,

      Thanks for your message.

      İf you leave Turkey before your visa is expired, you will not face any administrative fine at airport. İf you decide to overstay visa, you should pay the fine or will be banned to return back to Turkey.

      Kind regards,

  50. Hello there, thank you for this blog it is very useful but I do have a query of my own which I hope you can help with.

    1) My current residence permit for Turkey expires on the 9th Sep 2016
    2) I am currently in the UK (UK National) and fly out to Turkey on August 1st 2016
    3) I plan to relocate to the UK by the end of September start of October (its not clear as I have so many things to sort out)
    4) Since I have personal reasons to continue to come and go to Turkey I cannot risk being banned from the country
    5) I do not wish to apply for the extension of my ikamet izin as I believe its a lengthy process which just wastes money and time and I do not need it as I will stay another 1-2 months max. They probably won’t even see my application during this time.
    6) I plan to over stay by 30-40 days

    Could you please let me know, what I would be expecting at the border control? Please also advise what you think is a better option.

    Thank you for your help

  51. Hey my dad’s future wife came to Turkey a year ago and overstayed for a month after her tourist visa expired , they asked her to pay a fee at the airport for overstaying but unfortunately her credit card wasn’t working at that time , they have banned her from entering turkey for 5 years , so now how can she come back im worried about my father living all by himself what is the procedure everything must have a solution …

  52. Thanks for your great site and service.

    My residence permit expires in August. I have already (in July) applied for a permanent residence permit (having lived here for eight years). I have been given a randevu for the permanent residence permit in January.

    My question is can I stay here legally until the date of my randevu, and can I go abroad and back in the interim?

    Many thanks.

  53. Hello. Thank you for the amazingly helpful article. However I failed to do the calculations for the over staying fee. I hope you can help me.

    I and my financé, both from Iran, stayed in Turkey for a period of 50 days a month ago. We went back to Iran and was there for about a month (this adds up to 80 out of 180 days). Now we are back in Turkey for another 50-day stay.

    I have three questions actually:

    1. Is this subject to re-entry ban?
    2. How much will the fee be for each of us?
    3. We heard a rumer about a 75 day period of allowance for staying. Is it true? Is there a different time period than the 90 day for Iranians?

    (And just for showing good faith in the word of law, we are applying for a residence permit very soon, but let’s imagine we are not and we will have to pay the fee.)

    Thank youso much in advance.

  54. hello i have a big problem i have been deported at the border of turkey for 5 years and i could not pay in time. but i can pay fine now if its possible.A big reason is that my husband is in prison now and i worry i need to go to turkey to visit him.please i need help what can i do for going back to turkey may i pay now? please answer my qustion thank you in advance

  55. Hi,
    I missed my flight 12th december 3015…and overstayed in Istanbul by 48hrs only(duration of stay was 5 days but visa was till valid for 90days)I couldn’t pay the penalty so I later learned I had gotten a 5yr bann .what can I do to have the bann lifted. Ave tried applying visa to travel again but they can’t process coz of the bann.
    Kindly advice.

  56. Hello
    M’y Name Is adam from Morocco. I was in turkey as a tourist and i stayed more than 3 months and they deport me in 2014 and i signed à paper giriş. Yasaği for 2 years
    Now im asking if it Is possible to go back there after 2years and i need à lawyer to go back there ?
    Please help me

  57. I’m due to go to turkey 29th June but I currently have a visa that runs out the 6th of July but in planning to stay from June until September all within my 90/180 days as I’ve only used 10 up in May can I buy a new visa before I leave on the 29th and they scan that one at the airport will it bring up the old visa or new overlapping one? If it brings up the old one I may have to do a trip to Rhodes for the day for a new visa

  58. Hello Sir/Mdm,

    I am currently a Malaysian exchange student in Turkey. Far Malaysian nationals, we can stay up to 3 months in Turkey without residence permit. I have overstayed over 3 months now without residence permit due to some complications. Now i would like to know how much fine i need to pay and where can i pay them. The period of my overstay is 40 days. Thank you so much and i will be awaiting for your reply.


  59. Hi there,

    I have aquestion requiring the re-entry after the permit expires. I am from Slovakia and at the moment Im having a year residence permit due middle of month june. After that i will become a touris again as i wont be extending my permit visa. My question is, that how long after my residence permit visa expires i can entry Turkey again. Is there any regulations of being back a tourist after my visa expiration or can i entry Turkey anytime again of course applying the 90 days of 180 days rule?One week after my expiration of my residance visa permit I would like to travel back to Turkey for a few days. So I would like to know what i should expect from the check points at the airport ( dont mean the check- ins about the tickes but the actuall entrance to country in the airport ).b kindly waiting for the response.
    Best regards,


  60. Hello Good Morning

    Hope you all are right

    I am from afghanistan and i overstay more than 6 month in turkey, and now i dont know how much they are going to charge me, if you please let me know how much they are going to charge for me and what i should do next

    Thanks for your nice answer in advance

  61. Dear assistant that helps.
    my 2 children have overstayed in turkey for 1 year.
    i came with them , and left them there with their mother ( syrian) that does not need a visa.

    now i have to bring them back to UK as mother is travelling europe seeking refugee status. my kids are british, i dont want to pay fine.
    as they are 16 and other 13. will they be permitted to leave turkey without paying ban just by taking a flight straight to UK.
    again dont want to pay the fines and they will travel alone

  62. Hi,

    I have been in Turkey since september 2014. I had a student resident permit my first year (sept 2014 – sep 2015).
    The second year I began the procedure at september 2015, but by jaunary 2016 they did not give me a new one. Because of last fall semester I did study. Thus, they refused to give me a new resident permit. But now I am studying my Master.

    My question is: I want to go back to my country (Rep. Congo) on next vaccation (june 2016). Will I face a re-entry ban even if I should pay the fine? If yes, how long it can be? Because I have not finished my Master yet.

    Thank you.
    I waiting for your answer.

  63. My resident permit expired for four months so I was ask to go it of the country and come back in again… Which I did but at the airport I paid a fine of 270tl which I did… When I came back, I was given a paper at the airport which was saying that I should go and make my ikamet within ten, unfortunately for me I didn’t read the paper, so I went to make my resident permit after ten days and now they are saying I will have to go out again. I will be going back to my country in June, will I be banned from turkey??? I am from nigeria and a student

  64. Hi if anyone can help me I wud be so happy I am from England and over stayed my visa by 3 months when I left turkey I did not pay a fine as I never had the money 1 was given 5 year ban and was not able to travel back I have had a baby and want to go back to see his dad and let baby be with family but I’m baned what sud I do to go back I really don’t no so far I’m waiting one year but I can’t wait 4 more I want to see my family and show my baby to his dad I traveled and paid for my flights but they just keep sending me back to the UK so what can I Don please help

  65. hi..
    iam east african. i entered Turkey with a bussiness visa in november of 2015. and now its april of 2016, 6 months later and iam still here!! i was very reluctant when it came to applying for a residence permit because i really did not like this place much in the begining, so i thought i would stay for a couple of months and ask for deportation when the time came for me to leave. at that point i did not mind a five year ban.. about two months ago i moved from istabul to izmir.i met some realy nice people and also got a really good job. now i want to apply for my residence permit.. but it seems alittle too late. i guess my question is is ıt possible for me to get a residence and work permit after over staying for three months? or do i have to return to my home country, get a new visa and come back? please help.. any one with any answers?

    • Hello Ms. Sophie,

      Thank you for your message.
      First of all, yes, you should leave the country and pay a penalty at the airport for overstayed period of time. Later you can come back to Turkey and apply for residence permit at the Immigration office. If you failed to pay the administrative fine, you can get a re-entry ban.
      Regarding work permit, it is possible to apply for work permit from your homecountry and enter to Turkey on the basis of work permit. The detailed information could be found here

      Best regards,


  66. hello

    Im from Iraq , and i have canceled my resident permit, i have overstayed in turkey for 38 days , and im planning to leave trukey not by plane , but by the Bus , so will i be banned from re-entring Turkey??

    • Hello Sir,

      Thank you for your message.
      In case if you pay a penalty at the Customs border for the overstayed days, then you won’t be banned from re-entering Turkey.

      Kind regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  67. Me and my wife made visa run from Georgia to Turkey and we were on Turkish side just 5 minutes and then went back, but Turkish officer didn’t put stamp in our Passports, we are planning to travel in Turkey soon and we found suspicious that we don’t have exiting stamp and we’ve been to Turkish embassy today, they told that we still “stay in Turkey” by their computer and they can’t help us, so “overstay” is about 7 month already, but we are not in Turkey and does anybody know what will happen when we will try to enter Turkey again?

  68. Tom

    I am leavening turkey next week I will have overstayed my tourists visa by 27 days I tried to apply for a resident permit but could get all of my paper work together in time I think that the laws might have changed on what penalty I will have to pay at the airport I’m just trying to figure out how much cash to bring and how much time to allow for at the airport does anyone know thanks

  69. ABB


    I have a small problem that I am finding hard to get my head around and was wondering if could ask some advice.

    I have an e-vise that I purchased on 2 Dec 2015 that leasts until 29 May 2016. I believed that I could stay in the country for 90days. However for coming back and forth into Turkey over about 3 months, I arrived on the 4 February and when I tried to leave on 6 March (31 days) I got stopped at customs and told that I had violated my visa by 1 day and had to pay a fine. I was so shaken up by being stopped I didn’t even think about my visa being supposedly valid for 90 days. Or is that not true? do you have to leave the country every 30 days even with a 90 day visa??

    So the plot thickens. I then left to the UK for a week and returned to Turkey on the 14 March (7 days later). I again got stopped at passport control on my way into Turkey and the police threatened to send me back to the UK. I told them I had a flight booked to leave Turkey (5 days later) and they gave me a 10 day resident permit saying that I had to apply for a resident permit in the next 10 days otherwise I would be banned from entry Turkey again.
    Is this true or do I only need to stay out of Turkey for 3 months?

    I am very confused about whether I even violated my visa in the first place or whether it did not come up on their system about my previous arrival date AND if it is even necessary to apply for a resident permit as I do not need to be in Turkey for the next 3 months?

    Thank you in advanced

  70. I will be 6 months overstay on march 23. I will exit on 22 and take an appointment to get new working visa will there be no problem for me to get a new working visa. I will work with the same employer we just forgotten the renuewal date of my working permit and i cant renue it anymore. What is the eaning of re entry ban? Is it when u pay the pine u can have the re entry?

  71. Turkey shown the country doesn’t care for foreigners, although tourism is a huge industry in the country. The former long stay ‘Blue book’ no longer available, maximum long stay is maximum one year, I’m a 90 days cathegory, when I decided stay in Turkey, on average, 6-9 months yearly, you could apply for five YEARS stay! Plus, even worse, if you get the maximim one year stay, you must be in Turkey, minimum 9 months out of twelve! Like a hostage or prisoner, if not complying, the state can withdraw your 1 year visa permit, no pay-back, and you told to leave the country, your permission canceled!

    I decided to leave this country permanently, not only they start being not-welcome to foreigners, the security is hazardous, prices rises, and the islamic religion is affecting the society more and more. Never Turkey for me again, I settled in far Asia country, where they know how to treat their guests very well.

  72. Hello everyone.
    I’ve got a little problem in hand and I would really appreciate some advice.

    My wife and I got our one-year tourist residence permits in September 2014. Later in February, we had to travel to Yemen for a month or two but ended up staying for 121 days because the the airport was bombarded and there was no way in or out till later in June when we finally made it back to Turkey. September came and we sent our papers to renew the residence permits. Then a couple of weeks ago, they called us from the ‘yabancılar şubesi’ saying that there was a problem. It turned out that staying out of Turkey was only allowed for 120 days and that I had overstayed one day more than I should have. And because of that, they asked me to leave and re-enter the country and apply for a new residence permit.

    But here’s the problem with that:
    1. Before I traveled out of Turkey in February, I paid the ‘yabancılar şubesi’ a visit to ask them exactly how long I was allowed to stay out and they said six months–not four.
    2. Returning to Yemen is not an option given how there’s a war going on there. If we go there, we might never be able to get out again–this is provided that I actually find an airline insane enough to take us to Yemen.
    3. Almost all the other countries that I might afford to go to require visas that take way too much time and money to process. Not to mention the ticket money.
    4. If we somehow managed to leave Turkey, we would have to pay a fine for overstaying. Our residence permit expired in September, and this in turn means that a fine is due for October, November, and December. And possibly even January. And since a fine has to be paid, we may not be allowed into the country for the same amount of time that we overstayed. That means, wherever we go, we need a visa to that country, tickets to go there, cash to stay alive for at least 3.5 months, and a ticket to return to Turkey–supposing that the Turks grant the visa hassle-free.
    5. We are neither rich or free enough to do all these things.

    There are a few more reasons that I can write as well, but I guess I’ve made my point.
    So please, can someone adivse what to do next?

    ~Distraught Foreigner

    • go to northern cyprus for 1 day or 2. They accept almost any nationalities visa-free

    • Slam,
      I have got to the same problem, can you explain what did you do and what happened next? How did you manage to exit and come back?

  73. MM

    Hello! I need your help, please, let me know if you’ve heard of situation like mine.
    I’m from Poland and I overstayed my IKAMET validity (9 days only), I used to work legally with worker’s visa and residence permit.

    Now I’m planning to go to Turkey as a tourist, for Polish there is still a must to have a touristic visa, and there are two options of buying it: e-visa or on-arrival at the airport. I wanted to issue e-visa and I had a problem while doing that so i called embassy and i got the information that I got a ban for entering Turkey (noone informed me while leaving country), and the only possibility for me of going there is applying for special visa (more than 4 weeks waiting). My friends who used to work with me, left Turkey at the same day, with the same validity dates of documents and they didnt have any problems with issueing e-visa and reentering Turkey. They just paid some fine at the airport police while arriving…

    My question is if it would be possible to buy on-arrival visa and enter Turkey. I’m more than sure that they will stop me at the airport but i still have hope that it will be possible to explain this situation at the airport police… Finally 9 days is not a crime. But i’m afraid as well that noone is going to talk with me because I got this ban. 🙁

    Please, helppp!

  74. Me


    I’m a Masters student from Morocco living in Turkey and my student residence permit expired 15 days ago. I’m planning to start the renewing procedure tomorow as early as possible. How deeply in trouble am I ? will I simply pay a fine or do I have to leave and come back or something ? please give me an answer back.

    Thank you so much !

  75. Meg

    My Ikamet expires Dec 10. I am leaving Turkey Dec 16 for the US. How soon can I obtain a tourist visa to return to Turkey after my departure? Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for your email.
      You can find up-to-date information and answers on the questions regarding the immigration formalities and procedures in Turkey in our Practical Guide. The e-book can be purchased via If you don’t find answers to your questıons in our e-book, please contact us.
      Best regards,
      Expat Guide Turkey

  76. I have overstayed my residency 2 months. Will I get a re entry ban at airport as I leave next week to England

    • Thank you very much for your email.
      You can find up-to-date information and answers on the questions regarding the immigration formalities and procedures in Turkey in our Practical Guide. The e-book can be purchased via If you don’t find answers to your questıons in our e-book, please contact us.
      Best regards,
      Expat Guide Turkey

  77. I have overstayed my resident permit for 1 month. i had problems when trying to renew it. can i still renew it. i do not want to leave turkey now. thanks

  78. My visa will be expired on the 21st of October but I have already applied for residence permit and I have an appointment on the 13th of Novembre. Am I supposed to pay for the days that I will stay after my visa will be expired? Will there be any probelm to get a residence permit as I am only a tourist in Turkey and not seeking business or education?
    Can you please help me and reply to my questions.
    Thanks in advance

    • Thank you very much for your email.
      You can find up-to-date information and answers on the questions regarding the immigration formalities and procedures in Turkey in our Practical Guide. The e-book can be purchased via
      Best regards,
      Expat Guide Turkey.

  79. Ac

    Do children fall under the rule? 3yo / 1yo. Children are Canadian, their mother is Turkish.

  80. Hey,

    After my 90 days expired I made an appointment for Residence Visa which gave me an extra 3 months in Turkey until my appointment. When I went to yabancılar şube müdürlüğü in Fatih they told me I had applied with the old system and was told to apply again using the new system. I did that and now I have an extra 3 months here until my appointment in November. I was wondering can I leave the country? I had the money to show for the first appointment however the second appointment I ran out of cash and I wanna go home. When I go to the airport will there be a problem?

    Also when I pay the fine will they put some weird stamp on my passport that shows I overstayed? This may cause some problems when I want to apply for visas in the future.

    • Hello Mr. Gamal,

      Thank you very much for your message. Foreigner applicants can legally reside in Turkey with application form until the appointment date. However having an appointment does not grant any right to enter into or exit from the Turkey. Once the application is submitted on the appontment date and after having signed and stamped Residence Permit Application Document, foreigners might exit from and re-enter into Turkey within 15 days.
      If you have any other questions, please send us an email:

      Best regards,
      Expat Guide Turkey

  81. Hi,
    I missed my appointment for renewal of my residence permit. This week I am going back home. I am overstaying for already 25 days now. I am planning to pay the penalty and wish to comeback again anytime soon. I may ask if they will impose a ban for my re entry or I can comeback anytime?

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hello Angie,
      Thank you very much for your message. In order to leave the country without getting re-entry ban, you should go through some procedures. For further information, you can contact us by phone 444 7 284 or email:

      Best regards,
      Expat Guide Turkey

  82. I over stayed for 1 and half years in Turkey,they charged me for 666TL and i paid i am my country i have spent 2 months in my country already and i want to go back to Turkey in few days time because i was approved of a cable visa,will i have any problem while entering??Please i need help

    • You have already paid your overstaying fine that is why there won’t be any problems while entering Turkey. You should remember to apply for residence permit within 10 days of your arrival in Turkey

    • Hey, which country are you from? I’m from Egypt and i overstayed my visa for 3 years. If your country from the same category as me i might be able to estimate my overstay fine. And if anybody here can help me get an estimate of how much it will be, i would highly appreciate it.

      This is my email.

    • What is your nationality?

  83. Ana

    I overstayed 3 days, was asked to pay over 100TL and I couldn’t pay it and they banned me for 5 years…

    Is this normal?!

    • Bob

      Wait so basically you have an option if you should pay or not. If u do not pay u may still leave but like in ur case banned for 5 years….did i get it right?

      • No immigration can stop you going back to your own country. It’s against human rights. If you don’t want to/can’t effort to pay the fine then all they can do is put a ban on your re-entrance. This can be up to 5 years. The ban period is mostly depends on the officer who is dealing with you at the time. Explaining your situation and being polite helps.

    • No! That is very harsh, unless they had some other reasons or you just bumped into a officer who is going trough midlife crisis.

  84. hello
    i need help i overstay here and i want to know if i can make permits visa or i have to back to my country im from morocco

  85. Juditu

    Hi, I am planning to overstay my tourist visa for 20 days. My country is listed in group A. Can someone tell me what to expect regarding to fines to pay during departure?

    • So, how did you stay longer than your visa date? And if so, how many days and how much did they charge u?

  86. Nicole

    Hi all im 3 months overstay in Turkey and after one month wanna go back to my country so after one month will be totally four months im overstay in Turkey I want to know how much and where I have to pay the penalty CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS PLS im a first time here don’t know anything Thanks an advance

    • Hi Nicol,

      Since the new rules applied in May this year, foreigners has to pay their fine on their departure rather then arrival. If not paid then you will receive an re-entry ban. To find out about the amount of fine needs to be paid, you can call 157. Make sure you have your passport/resident permit is with you. They will ask questions about the last entry etc.. to calculate the exact amount of days you have over stayed.

      All the best,

  87. Derr


    I am currently overstaying in Turkey and I have 2 questions:

    The total amount of my stay here in Turkey on the day I will exit the country will be 183 days. This includes the legally 90 days provided. Am I overstaying for the total days minus 90 days or does it count as an 183 days overstay? (in other words, when you overstay, do they count the entire period spent within the country as overstay or only the remaining days beyond the visa limit?)

    My most important question is about the actual fine to be paid. Do you pay it at the officer’s desk when he will be stamping your passport or do you go to a different office for that? Is it possible to pay in EURO or USD instead of TL? I am asking to make sure that I will have enough time to pay the fine and make it to my flight on time.

    Thank you in advance for responses.


  88. Arthur

    Hey! A friend from Italy overstayed and the first day costed him 400TL. Then it increases but very slowly (450TL for 8 days, and about 530TL for one month). But it depends maybe on how lucky you are and who is the person that does the check-out at the border.

    He checked on official websites and said it is not very clear…

  89. sameer

    I overstayed 7 month how much I I pay fine and I am.from Pakistan and after pay fine i get deported or get ban to enter turkey ..thanks in advance

  90. kC

    i came with business visa and applied for resident permite. after paying for insurance, get my tax ,then i was denied because i booked on anksary instead of Ankara. i overstay for 5 months plus . on the departure i payed 257Tl as fine. how long will i stay to apply another visa

  91. lauren

    Hi,I came to turkey oct 13 and was 7months pregnant at the time I planed to stay a while and return before my visa ended to have my baby,I left the uk due to domestic voilence and thearts from my chilrens father and a ticket to turkey was cheap at the time,I ended up staying in turkey and having my baby it was a home birth,then due to money situation and a new born the time flew by now its dec 14 I’m wondering what the prodcedure is for me and my two children to return one has no passport or papers,and the amount of money I wil have to pay and I’m hearing now in the uk if u stay in turkey for a long time u get questioned when u land in uk if u are involved in terrorism,is this true please any replys welcome thank you

  92. sanna

    Am in violation of residence in Turkey 10/10/2013 and I want to know if I put in exclusion period for how much months ! Also Am ready to pay the fine…

    I did not know the topic of 180 days additions calculated after the end of statutory period just now through your site web ..

    In waiting your answer accept Sir/Mme my big thanks.

  93. Abayomi

    Good day

    Please i Overstayed for 2years And i want to know if i can pay the fine, then go to my home country to apply for another Visa Immediately Without Any ban to stay in my country ?

  94. jennifer baran

    I left turkey last november and had unknowingly overstayed by 5 days due to 2 different trips and not reakuse the 90 days in 180 rule. I recieved a fine which I couldnt pay at the time so I git a t year ban. How can I go back now? If I pay the fine when I arrive will that be the end of it? Thanks 🙂

    • jennifer baran

      Sorry for typos! I got a 5 year ban as I did not realise tge visa rule.

  95. becky

    My husband turkish I overstayed my visa for 5 years I had a £1500 visa fine however I payed it and got a six month visa from turkish embassy London. But it expired this year in july. So now im wondering if im able to travel on a E visa online?

  96. Student

    Im making Erasmus Staj in Turkey. Lenght is 3 months. I didnt make residence permit so how many liras i will pay exiting country? My country i
    in list A.

  97. L&M

    I overstayed by 10 months and received a 257tl fine and a 6 month ban. Worked out cheaper than paying for residency again!!

    • gemma

      I overstayed by eleven months, I was not fined on departure and this was seven years ago I have been accepted online for an evisa, will they fine me on entering

      • myla


        I has been overstayed in istanbul for 9 months. I want to get married with turkish soon. Can somebody tell me how it can be done without leaving turkey.

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