State of Emergency in Turkey Rescinded on July 19th

The State of Emergency in Turkey, which was announced on July 20, 2016, was extended 7 times, was abolished after 2 years, ended on July 19th at 01.00. Within the scope of the State of Emergency, a total of 125,800 public officials were expelled from the profession with 32 Legislative Decree published up to now, while many publications, foundations and institutions were closed down. Under the investigation initiated after the coup attempt, officials launced a legal action for 446 thousand people in different cities of Turkey and foreign countries.

After the decision, we could observe some positive movements on the economic indicators. In the first hours of rescinding state of emergency in Turkey, the USD/TL parity have started to decrease for 0,04 points. Also, we have observe some positive forecasts for the medium and long term for Turkish economy.