Virtual and Ready Office Services in Istanbul

In Turkey it is obligatory for foreign investors to present a legal address in the establishment of companies, branches or contact offices. Thus, we as ATA Institutional, provide special virtual offices for you and enable the establishment of your foreign-invested company through your virtual office and subsequently ensure your work permit procedures. Whether your company is a private company or a stock corporation, we offer a hassle-free consultancy solution in order for your company to operate in Turkey legally by providing all issues together with your legal address. We produce corporate solutions specific to your business with our ready and virtual offices designed professionally and luxuriously where foreign investors can establish their company presenting a legal address and where they can organize business meetings in İstanbul and Ankara.

What are the advantages of working with ATA Institutional?

You will be able to start making business in the offices of our company which is giving consultancy services for foreign investors in Turkey for nine years, English-speaking lawyers, tax professionals and professional consultants will be at the reach of just one desk. You will be able to get to know the answers to your questions during tea and coffee breaks instead of paying high consultancy prices under different conditions.

What is a Ready Office in Turkey?

The ready office concept for foreigners is an easy solution especially for those who want to establish a company in Turkey and need a legal address. At the same time, foreigners will be able to organize meetings with participants, the day and time they have determined beforehand in their ready office. We provide solutions special for you with our ready offices in order to establish a company in Turkey with the assurance of ATA Institutional and to ensure a legal company address.

The ready offices are in general luxurious offices prepared specifically for your business meetings and important dialoguing and where it is sufficient to only take your laptop with you. The price varies according to the participants to your meeting or the size in terms of square meters. You will have the advantages of working and entertaining your guests in ready offices special for you within plazas and luxurious business centers which would normally require a high price for office rents and the necessary personnel difficult to pay. With the ready office concept, you will be free of fixed costs and will have an office that you can use when you need it actively. With ready offices, you can start your meetings without wasting time and will be able to take advantage of special services as the Wi-fi, automatic slide projector etc.

What is the definition of virtual office in Turkey?

The same conditions required for Turkish entrepreneurs are valid for the establishment of the companies of foreigners and presenting a legal company address is obligatory. Furthermore, foreign company owners have to obtain a work permit through their company in order to operate in Turkey legally. Therefore, we as ATA Institutional, create professional solutions in procedures concerning obtaining a legal company address, the establishment of the company and payrolling and accountancy. In this way, we provide a legal company address in İstanbul and Ankara and manage all company establishment procedures in your name.

The virtual office service is especially preferred during the company establishment stages and for the processes of defining an address which is a legal obligation for invoice procedures. It can be said that the virtual office service is the best solution particularly for companies which operate without  a physical office, freelance workers who need to make out an invoice or companies that want to present a legal branch address. With our virtual office service, you can present a legal address for your company, you can direct cargo and calls via the secretariat service to yourself and can use your office for meetings on particular days and hours. It will be enough to grab your laptop as all facilities will be provided for your meeting as well as various catering possibilities for your guests.

We can say that one of the things the globalizing world has changed the most is the business world and office habits. The ready office and virtual office services can be shown as the best office solutions for the augmenting demand and the needs of the changing business world. With ready and virtual offices you can present a legal address for the establishment of your company, you can take advantage of services as cargo and call answering services without paying a price, and can use these offices on specific dates for your meetings. Ready and virtual offices which will free you of many fixed costs, have become one of the most popular ways to cut down on expenditures in the 21st century. If you want to present an address in the most prestigious business centers in Ankara and Istanbul and want to hold your business meetings in luxurious offices of these plazas, you can draw advantage from our ready and virtual office services. Virtual offices which provide a legal address and ready offices which are used for meetings, are preferred generally by companies without a need for physical offices, freelance workers and companies that wish to present a branch address.

What are the advantages of Ready and Virtual Offices?

The number of advantages and facilities that ready and virtual offices have brought to the modern business world is quite high. We can say that the most important advantage is that they present a legal address in turkey for foreign companies. In this way, you will be able to complete your work permit procedures and procedures of legal company establishment in Turkey with the assurance of ATA Institutional. A vast number of advantages in many different fields such as cutting down on personnel costs, secretariat services, obtainment of an address and cancelling out fixes office expenditures can be named. Basically, the advantages of ready and virtual offices can be listed as follows:

  • Being freed of high office and stoppage costs
  • Obtaining a legal address necessary for foreign investors in order to establish legally a company or open a branch in Turkey
  • Obtaining a work permit in Turkey after completing the company establishment and work and reside legally in Turkey
  • Your phone calls are answered and directed to you if you are available
  • Your cargos are received and you get informed
  • You will get rid of office expenditures such as telephone central, secretariat, cleaning, amendment, decoration etc.
  • You do not have to pay for personnel costs, insurance etc.

Consequently, with our ready and virtual offices you can concentrate on your work and let us take care of the rest. 

Our Istanbul Ready & Virtual Office

With our Istanbul office in the Beyoglu Business Center on İstiklal Street which is the most prestigious street in Istanbul, you can have both a prestigious legal company address and a meeting office overseeing the Bosphorus.

Our Ankara Ready & Virtual Office

Our Ankara ready and virtual office located in one of Ankara’s most luxurious and prestigious business centers Next Level Loft, having all kinds of transportation possibilities ( Metro, ASTI – Ankara Intercity Coach Terminal highway) and its central location, unique view and luxurious meeting offices, can be used for both obtaining a legal address and holding meetings.