To obtain a visa you need to decide the purpose of your visit to Turkey (depending on it: there  will be different form of invitation and the procedure for its completion). There are the following main types of visas and travel purposes:

  • Tourist Visa - tourism
  • Business Visa - conferences, business meetings;
  • Work Visa - work in a Turkish company.

Pakistani citizens who are willing to visit Turkey could get a touristic visa in 2 ways. One of them by getting e-visa online, another option is to apply documents to the Turkish Consulate in case if 1st option could not be applicable to this category of people.

İn order to get an e-visa online, the applicant should meet the requirements below as

  • To have a valid passport, which will cover the period that will be staying in Turkey.
  • Have valid Supporting Document (Valid visa OR valid residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland

İn case if the applicant can’t meet the criterias for evisa application, he should apply for touristic visa via Turkish Consulate in Pakistan. Please follow the list of requirement documents which should be submitted to the Turkish Consulate in Pakistan as

  1. İnvitation letter / İncome status
  2. Biometric photo
  3. Flight itinerary reservation
  4. Hotel booking
  5. Bank statement

Once the foreigner get a touristic visa, he can come to Turkey and stay here legally for the certain period of time. İf Pakistani citizen would like to extend its visa, he has a right to apply for short term residence permit. The application should be done while visa is still valid. Once the visa will be expired, foreigner cannot apply for residence permit in Turkey. The short term residence permit allow foreigner to stay in Turkey legally, but it doesnt give any right to work in Turkey legally.

The residence permit could be transferred to work permit later in case if the foreigner have a job offer from the employer. Please note that foreign employee cannot apply and get a work permit by himself. The one and only who can get a work permit for employee is employer. Employer should apply for a work permit to the Ministry of Labour. Generally the application process and evaluation takes 30 working days. The initial work permit is granted for 1 year and subsequently  is renewable further.

The work permit application and procedure could be found in our website

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hope you are fine.

    I am from Pakistan and came here at the university in Ankara in August 2016 for the purpose of carrying out my Ph.D. research work. I was given 3 months researcher visa. Since I intend to stay in Turkey for one year, I applied for a Short-term residence permit. I got my permit for one year (12 months) which is valid until August 2017. Now, I want to extend my residence permit because I am seeing that my research work will require more time to complete here. I have a couple of queries in this regard:

    1. How much amount should be in my bank account so that I can finance myself here for further 10 months? Please note that funding agency only funded for the first year of my stay in Turkey. Any other expenditures incurred during my stay of more than 1 year will be borne by me.

    2. In the case of applying online for an extension of the short-term permit and sending documents to Immigration Office, which document can be used as a temporary ID that will allow me to departure from and re-entry to Turkey while the permit validity is being processed by Immigration office?

    Waiting for your reply.


    Haris Mahmood

    • Dear Mr. Haris,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Please find the answers to questions below;
      1. The bank statement should be 6000 USD per year ( 500 monthly)
      2. İn extension application procedure, there wont be any temporary residence permit as you should wait for the card itself which will be delivered to your home address within max. 3 months. ( please dont forget that application form for extension should be sent by PTT cargo witihn 5 days) İn case if you are planning to leave the country while your current RP will be invalid, we suggest you to go to İmmigration office and get a temporary residence permit paper which should be stamped and signed by office. This paper will allow you to leave the country and stay outisde for 15 days.

      if there will be any questions, please feel free to contact me.
      est regards,
      ExpatguideTurkey team

      • Thank you very much for your response. Appreciated.



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