Turkey uses Red/Green Channel System for the customs control. In particular choice of Red or Green channels is deemed as formal customs declaration. Simply, if travelers do not have any dutiable goods, they may use green channel (also those have dutiable goods within exempted quantities might use this channel). Travelers should use red channel, if they have dutiable goods.


Article 167 of the Law no. 4458 on Customs and articles from 59 to 64 of Council of Ministers Decree No. 2009/15481 (06.07.2011), provides the list of goods to be released for free circulation with customs duty relief.


Following articles of consumption within the defined quantities are allowed to be released for free circulation in Turkey with customs duty relief. Following goods only can be brought into Turkey by passengers on their arrival. It is not allowed to send them to Turkey via post or cargo.

Tobacco products

1-      600 pieces cigarettes

2-       100 pieces Cigarillos (cigars not exceeding 3 gr. per each)

3-       50 pieces cigars

4-       250 gr. Minced tobacco (with 200 leaves of  cigarette paper)

5-       250 gr. Pipe Tobacco

*Not applicable for those younger than eighteen years old.

Alcoholic Beverages

1-      1 lt. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages exceeding 22% alcohol

2-      2 lt. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages not exceeding 22% alcohol

*Not applicable for those younger than eighteen years old.

Cosmetic Products

Cologne, lavender water, perfume, essence and lotion (600 ml total) and 5 pieces of skin care products and toiletry.

Food Products

1-       Tea 1 kg.

2-       Soluble Instant coffee 1 kg.

3-       Coffee 1 kg.

4-       Chocolate 1 kg.5

5-       Candy (Confectionery) 1 kg.


Following personal goods might be released for free circulation in Turkey with customs duty relief. As per article 58 of the Council of Ministers Decree No. 2009/1548, these goods might be brought into Turkey, either by the travelers on their arrival or one month before or after the arrival of the travelers.

Clothes and Travel gear for personal use.

Electronic Equipments

One color TV (up to 55cm screen); one video recording camera with 10 blank video tape cassettes; camera (with memory cards or  5 blank films);one GPS navigation device; one PC or Laptop (including flash disc, hard disc and external hard disc); one portable radio and radio-tape; Mobile phone with SIM cards (only one is permitted within two calendar years); one audio/video recorder and/or player with 10 cassettes, discs, CDs, VCDs or DVDs; One gaming device with cassette or card.

*Some of electronic equipments such as televisions and radios are subject to TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Authority ) bandrol fee.

Hand held musical instruments, ( One piece of each, maximum total of 3 pieces)

Sports equipments

One piece camping tent; one piece diving suit for underwater diving sports; one boat; one surfboard with sailing equipment for water sports; one pair flippers; golf equipments (except golf vehicles) other sport equipments and clothes (one piece, including ski and parachute equipments except sea motors and sea sleds with motor.

Medical Equipments

Bed belonging to the ill traveler; wheel chair (motorised or non-motorised); drugs for personal treatment; medical equipments for personal treatment; gas mask and protective clothing.

Small household appliances (one piece of each) for personal use.


One baby stroller; toys for child traveler; one iron; one bicycle; one pair of handheld binoculars excluding night vision binoculars and night vision shooting binoculars; books and other similar printed publications for personal use; maximum two pets and ten aquarium fish on the condition of having veterinary health certificate, origin and vaccination certificate and if available identification document;  in the case of traveling with car, items and equipments used in cars  such as battery, car vacuum cleaner, car fridge; zam zam water and dates brought from Pilgrimage or Umrah (within the defined quantities)


As per article 61 of the Council of Ministers Decree No. 2009/15481,  gifts and souvenirs not exceeding total value of € 430 (€ 145 for travelers under the age of 15) are also allowed to be released for free circulation with customs duty relief. In order to define the value of goods, proof of purchase is necessary. In failing to show the proof of purchase or if is established that value of good is lower, customs authorities may determine the value of goods.

Goods with no commercial nature and quantity and which are not exceeding a real value of € 1500, might released for free circulation in Turkey with customs duty. (These goods should be brought into either by the travelers or one month before or after their arrival and should be for the travelers own or his/her family use) For the goods which are directly brought from European Union countries, the rate of duty is 18%. The rate of duty for other countries is 20%.

For gifts, exceeding total value of € 430 (€ 145 for travelers under the age of 15), the exempted amount is subtracted from the value of gifts and the above stated rate of duty is applied to the remaining amount. In this case the maximum value of gift should not exceed € 1500.  When the value of a good exceeds € 1500, import duty rates will be applicable.

Jewelry of noncommercial nature crafted with precious metals which does not exceed US$ 15 000 can be brought into Turkey. Unless it is not declared upon entry or it is not purchased within Turkey,  Jewelry having a value more than US$ 15 000 may not be taken abroad.

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