In Turkey which is among the countries which is available for investment in real estate industry, the boom in the real estate industry has instigated the investors abroad.

All of them are thinking about making a right and reliable investment. They want to implement the vision and experience that they have obtained abroad in Turkey and buy real estate in the developing and expanding areas in the city.

What should we pay attention when buying a house in Turkey?

Experts make the following suggestions.

First, determine the location to buy the apartment. If you are buying an apartment for investment, investigate the potential development in that location, because the environment makes the apartment more valuable.

Do not hurry when buying an apartment. Investigate the prices in that neighbourhood. Compare the price of the apartment you are going to buy with the prices of other apartments in the area. Get professional help if required; because a real estate specialist would pay attention to many things that you do not.

Check which construction company has built the property!

First of all it is important that the company from which you will purchase the apartment has completed similar project previously and the companies which completed projects in which people live in the apartments without any problem, are happy and the relationship with the company continue without any problem after the delivery are successful companies. Check previously completed projects and take references.

First of all, you need to pay attention that the construction company is reliable and delivers the apartment on the promised date without any additional costs. If the construction project is approved, foundation is laid, building permit is obtained and construction servitude is established, you may have a title deed in the name of Construction Servitude Deed. Construction Servitude Deed, which is a certificate which indicates the place of the buyer in the building, is an authentic title deed and ensures your rights in the construction. Previous performance of the Contractors is quite a significant data.

Note these!

  • Check if the apartment you have purchased is the same as the apartment you liked at the title deeds office and municipality.
  • If the construction is not complete yet, get Construction Servitude Deed at least.
  • If you are purchasing an apartment which is under construction, obtaining Construction Servitude Deed will not suffice. Make a separate contract with the seller. In the contract, identify the delivery time of the apartment, materials to be used and the penal clause that the seller would be obliged to pay you in the event that the apartment is not delivered in time. In addition, include in the contract that the Construction Servitude will be turned into property ownership as a condition.
  • If the apartment you are going to buy is not completed yet, make sure that the apartment has Construction Servitude. If it has Construction Servitude, that means it has occupancy permit as well.

You should go to the Title Deeds Office where the residence or residence project to be purchased is registered and check the registry of the relevant property.

In this check, you should know;

  • Who owns the property,
  • Share ratios of the property,
  • If there is servitude (usufruct) on the property,
  • If there is mortgage on the property,
  • If there is injunction on the property which may prevent the sales,
  • If Construction Servitude is established or there is any obstacles preventing it,
  • If the independent section to be purchased is registered in the title deeds registry,
  • Surface area,
  • Management plan of the property,
  • Title deed annotations affixed by the land owner which are imposed on the contractor…
  • You should go to the municipality where the residence or residence project to be purchased is registered and examine the present registry of the property to be purchased at the related Town Planning Authority.

If you decided to buy a house in Turkey, you don’t need to bother. All you need to do is tell us your budget and the features of the property you want to buy. We will find the best house for your needs. If you want to buy this house, we will carry out the purchase procedures in accordance with Turkish Laws as 100% reliable by means of our solicitors.

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