Subcription Operations

Water Subscription

İSKİ is in charge of waterworks in İstanbul. The subscription deposit fee is 192 TL for flats and 388 TL for workplaces. You are obliged to pay this fee as a security deposit.

Note: Subscription procedures can be now done online. You can visit , register and carry out the procedures easily.

Natural Gas Subscription

İĞDAŞ is in charge of natural gas procedures in İstanbul. İĞDAŞ takes 443 TL as a security deposit. You can split the fee into many smaller installments.

If your householder wants you to undertake natural gas subscription the minimum fee you should pay is 785 TL. You can take the entire secure deposit fee back when you move to another place. Therefore, this fee is a kind of investment for the future.


If you undertake electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions, you should have your rental contract, DASK insurance and national ID card with you. You can carry out your subscription procedures in İSKİ, CLK Boğaziçi ve İĞDAŞ in İstanbul.

Important Note: Before you undertake electricity and water subscription, remember to save or take a photo of “installation number”.


Some of the information above differs in Anatolian Side. The latest information is as follows:

For natural gas subscription, the 433 TL fee is split in 2 installments and reflected on the invoice.

For water subscription, the security deposit is split in 6 installments and reflected on the invoice.

A part of the fee for the electricity subscription (for example: 76 TL) has to be paid in the beginning and the rest is reflected on the invoice.

Cell Phone Subscription

Cell phone subscription in Turkey is divided into two parts: prepaid and postpaid. Tax ID number is enough for the prepaid subscription; but you should have a work permission or residence permission for postpaid subscription.

This is an informative article about subscription in İstanbul. You can get consultancy services from us wherever you reside in Turkey.

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