Important Phone Numbers in Turkey

Important Phone Numbers in Turkey 

We have listed some very important phone numbers below for foreigners to use in case of emergencies during the time they stay in Turkey; phone conversations may be held in English:

155  Police; in the cases when security of life and property is threatened

156  Gendarmerie line; in the areas which are off the borders of provincial and county municipality and where the police departments are absent, this line is called instead of 155

112  Emergency; ambulance service in the cases of emergency

110  Fire brigade

153  Municipal police; municipal services and information, disabled services, home care services, woman and family health services, etc.

157  Human trafficking; human trafficking victims hotline

0800 219 91 91  Phone library; free of charge book reading service for visually impaired. You should register to use this service.

183  Child abuse and family violence; family, woman, child and disabled advisory hotline

150  BİMER (Prime Ministry Communications Center); Claims, complaints and requests related to public enterprises and information that can be obtained from public enterprises and governorate can be requested from this line.

144  Public welfare hotline; It provides with professional communication support to people who are in need of public welfare.

171  Smoking cessation and drug use informing hotline; Support line for smoking cessation and substance abuse

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