2017 Astrological Calendar of Turkey

*End of December-January 20: It is a tough period especially in terms of external affairs. It is tough with regard to the conditions that create opposition in society.

*January 20-February 19: It is important to pay attention to the economic matters. Especially around February 12, matters that create dissolution within the society are in the foreground.

*February 19-March 20: International subjects, subjects regarding media, education, ideologies and religious subjects are complicated. Blurriness is expected especially around February 28.

*March 20-April 21: Important things happen after March 29. A period of leadership opportunities begins. Unexpected events may take place. Subjects regarding government, security, territory, military issues may stand out. It is a period when administration is expected to be very active.

*April 21-May 22: Peace is sought in this period. Economical discourses are in the foreground. Expenses and positive expectations stand out.

*May 22-June 22: There are some annoyances originated by neighbors, secretive things and terror situations might occur especially after May 29.

*June 22-July 22: There may be some arguments on internal affairs especially after June 29. Nationalist fronts may be in need of controlling incidents more.

*July 22-August 23: Financial matters and expenses will come up again. It is a period when entertainment and dynamism increase and expenses go up.

*August 23-September 23: Educational matters stand out. There may be conflicts about ideological matters, beliefs and different thinking types.

*September 23-October 29: This is a very stressful period. There may be divisive confusions and stress regarding the security of the country.

*October 29-November 21: There are financial conditions, conditions that may increase production and consumption and elaborate on more populist subjects.

*November 21-December 21: Matters on education, public officials, responsibility, neighbors and media that wave Turkey’s mind are in the foreground. This is a period when the government struggles. November 24, December 8 and 13 are very important dates.

**Notice that events that might cheer up the society may take place in November.

*December 21-January 20: Matters on internal affairs and developments in economical world stand out.

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