Places in World Ranking of Turkish Universities

URAP system has been developed by Middle East Technical University in Turkey to allow the students who will make university preference to take information about successful universities and make easier preference.

In order to see Turkish universities in World ranking, it would be sufficient you write name of university or name of city in URAP system. Within seconds, success grades of universities will appear.

Turkish Universities take place in Upper Rows among Top 500 Universities

URAP is considered as reliable ranking system in European Union reports and become the biggest assistance of students for their preference of university, making current rankings every time. According to URAP System, Turkish universities in World ranking are as follows.

The universities mentioned in top 500 of at least one of 8 separate ranking systems applied in the world are İstanbul University, METU, Hacettepe, Ankara University, Gazi University, Bilkent, İstanbul Technical University and Boğaziçi University. METU is found in 5 out of this ranking, İstanbul University, 4, Ankara and Hacettepe universities, 3.

İstanbul University is Among Best Ones of the World Every Year

İstanbul University which is seen in the rankings announced every year in the World and takes place in upper rows successively for a few years has made its name as first Turkish university listed in ARWU ranking in this year too. In ARWU ranking;

  • 16 Turkish universities are located in the rankings between 501 and 1000.
  • 27 Turkish universities enter in the rankings between 1001-1500 each year.
  • Name of 24 Turkish universities is mentioned in the rankings between 1501 and 2000.
  • 84 Turkish universities could not find place in first 10% slice of the rankings.

When the rankings made in the World are reviewed, Turkish universities are found in top places in these lists too. In the rankings made over 30 different science fields in England, METU, İTU, İstanbul University and Bilkent University from Turkey have won a name for themselves among first 200 universities in the World, being listed in 15 science fields.

  • METU in 10 different science fields,
  • İstanbul Technical University in 6 science fields,
  • İstanbul University in 3 areas,
  • Boğaziçi University in 1 area have succeeded to be listed among first 200 universities.

At least 20 Turkish Universities are seen in Most Reliable Rankings

In the university rankings conducted by different ranking system in the World, Turkish universities are listed in pretty high rows too. 6 Turkish universities are shown among best 500 universities in 5 scientific areas according to Leiden. In best university rankings made by Leiden,

  • METU, Ankara University, Gazi University and Ege University in 5 scientific areas,
  • İstanbul University in 4 scientific areas have achieved to enter in the ranking.

Another ranking respectable and accepted in the World is organized by HEEACT. In the ranking made as per 10 different scientific areas, from Turkey;

  • METU in 7 scientific areas,
  • İstanbul Technical University in 6 scientific areas,
  • Ege University in 4 scientific areas,
  • Hacettepe university in 3 scientific areas,
  • Gazi University in 2 scientific areas,
  • Dokuz Eylül University, Atatürk University, Ankara University, Boğaziçi University and Fırat University in 1 scientific area have been listed among first 3000 and made their names as Turkish universities in World ranking.

Turkish universities make a name for themselves in the World

According to universities list in the World ranking arranged by URAP, 20 Turkish universities enter first 500 for at least one of 6 scientific areas.

  • Hacettepe University in 4 different scientific areas,
  • Middle East Technical University in 4 scientific areas,
  • İstanbul University, Ege University and Gazi University in 3 different scientific areas
  • Ankara University, İTU, Erciyes University and Konya Selçuk University in 2 different scientific areas
  • Marmara, Dokuz Eylül, Bilkent, Uludağ, Atatürk and Ondokuz Mayıs Universities in 1 scientific area have entered in World ranking and found place among the best universities.




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