One Day in Pamukkale

With geothermal travertines, historical places and amazing natural beauties, Pamukkale region welcomes all visitors. Pamukkale is located in Hierapolis Region, Denizli and you can visit there during the season for a season. Çardak Airport is located in Denizli, you can reach city center and Pamukkale easily. You can find direct flight from bigger metropolises of Turkey like Istanbul and Ankara. However, it takes 237 km. between Pamukkale and İzmir. We listed amazing photographs and best places in Pamukkale for you.


If you want to take amazing photographs of Pamukkale Travertines, sunrise hours are the most preferable choice. You can see the amazing landscape of natural travertines.

If I have to mention the generation of travertines briefly how four different sources and from thermal water contains calcium hydrogen at 36 degrees. When water contact with the oxygen in the air, calcium carbonate subsides. This is the reason for the formation of travertine precipitation. Try to walk on the warm healing water, you will feel rested and your legs too you'll enjoy. The most ideal hours for sightseeing is late afternoon.

Hierapolis Ancient City

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The importance of this ancient city is the Saint Filippus who was the apostles of Jesus get killed here. This event took place in A.D. 80. It is also very important so the city as a centre of Christianity. A large octagonal church built St. filippus to the spot where he was killed. Today we can see the dome of the church made of wood. In the inner part of the building due to the construction style of the structure due to the resulting figure-eight into eternity with sending.

Hierapolis Amphi Theatre

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Antique Pool

Honaz Mountains National Park

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Laodikeia Ancient City


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Archaeology Museum

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St.Philip's Tomb

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Amazing Photos from Pamukkale

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Pamukkale Travertenleri

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