New Term in Abroad Applications of Work Visa

Work visa applications are now accepted online through governmental portal;
Foreigners residing outside the Turkey are subject to apply for work permit from the representative offices of Turkey in their own countries. Pursuance to work permit application of foreigner, within 10 working days the employer should process both online and direct applications to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey.
Previously, applicants were required to apply directly to the Turkish Consulates/Embassies in their home countries with the documents necessary for the work visa applications. Common documents were; Passport, Work visa application Form, Employment Contract or formal job offer and Organisation / Company official documents.
However by 2016, applicants are required to apply for work visa first via (

After following necessary steps , applicants should upload all required documents asked through the system (documents varies for different countries) and get appointment. As soon as you get the appointment date, applicant should submit visa application form duly signed and passport as well as original copies of the application documents which have been already uploaded to the system. (Screenshot of the new application process is below)


NOTE : If there would be any amendment on this issue, we will update our article as soon as possible on Expat Guide Turkey.

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  1. I would like to ask a question regarding residency permits. My Turkish husband and I have divorced since the last time I obtained one. I have read through the government website for online application and determined that I now must apply for a short term rp instead of a family rp. Does this mean that my short term rp application will be considered a first time application? Requiring me to provide the extensive documentation associated with first time applications?

    Regarding health insurance coverage. My ex has a private policy covering emergency room visits and inpatient care 100% when admitted through the ER. I was wondering- can he pay into SGK for me even though I am not a citizen? Can I can utilize SGK’s healthcare benefits to satisfy the minimal health care coverage requirement for a short term rp? Or must he buy me a private policy.

    And off subject- I found your website very informative and well presented. I would like to know if Expat Guide Turkey also has a website as informative as the rp application one regarding divorce. Specifically I want solid information regarding child custody because I can not seem to get a black and white answer to the following question: the court granted me full custody of both of our sons. The court granted their father the minimal visitation rights proscribed by Turkish divorce laws. The judge did this in court because she said that the visitation we outlined in our divorce agreement was not considered acceptable by Turkish law.
    Cut the rambling– Can I move my children back to the United States since I have been granted sole custody? I agreed to come here for a max of two years so my ex husband could help his mom get on her feet. I had no intention of raising children here or living the rest of my life here. Am I basically trapped here until he gives permission or is there some way to go without it.


    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mrs Karen,

      Regarding your residency permit in turkey : your family residency permit is valid until the expiration of it. Unfortunately you will have to apply for the short term residency permit thus making it your first application. You will have to provide all the necessary documents for this application.

      Regarding the Health Insurrance : since you will apply for a short term residency permit and your are now divorced, you will have to get a private health insurrance. You won’t be able to utilize your ex-husband Public Healthcare (SGK). As a solution you can either buy a private health insurrance, our services include it, or pay you Public Healthcare by yourself or by someone else.

      Regarding the legal related matters : unfortunately we can’t give a clear answer related to legal matters. We mostly provide information concerning work and residency permit as well as business related matters. For these kind of information and consultancy services we might advice you a lawyer we work with. He will be able to guide and advice you in all the legal matters. He will be able to answer more accurately to your questions.

      As an other solution we can advice you to apply for the Turkish Citizenship if you wish. For this you will need to fullfil the required criteria. For more information about the Turkish Citizenship please call us.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  2. Dear reader,
    My self, Aisha Imran, currently living in Malaysia since 5 yrs, holding Pakistani passport. I want to inquire regarding “Turkey Second Citizenship & Passport Program”, I had some concerned questions about misconflicts regarding residency permit in turkey, through property investment program. After reaching your website, I am very much clear about the procedure and benefits.
    Please guide me in more detail about the above mentioned query.

    Aisha Imran
    Watsapp @ +60126690619

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mrs. Imran,

      The law about the Turkish Citizenship by Investment has been past the 11th of January 2017. This new law allow foreign nationnal to apply for the Turkish Citizenship once they fulfill one of the following criteria :
      -Invest in Real-Estate Worth at least 1 000 000 US Dollar,
      -Invest in a Turkish company at least 2 000 000 US Dollar,
      -Invest in Turkish Governmental Bond worth at least 3 000 000 US Dollar,
      -Deposit in a Turkish Bank at least 3 000 000 US Dollar,
      -Employ 100 Turkish Worker.

      All of the investments must be held for at least 3 years and must be verifiable by the related competent governmental institution.

      For further infortmation please check your e-mail.

      Best Regards,
      ExpatGuideTurkey team

  3. Please tell me how much fee for resident visa for Turkey.Which company is reliable.Also tell me the reliability of Dunya Travel agency

    • Hello Danial,

      Thank you very much for your message.

      Our company may assist you with the residence permit procedure in Turkey. Regarding the residence permit service fee and other expenses, please write us an email and we will reply to your as soon as possible.

      Thank you and best wishes,

      ExpatGuideTurkey team

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