Turkey has realized a rapid growth towards the end of year 2003 after its remarkable moves in economic and commercial areas and with the government incentivizing the private sector, it has become an investment and a trade center.

Its capital city is Ankara. Ankara is a city of politics, culture and education. It offers an orderly life. The center of all official institutions of Turkey is in Ankara. The best universities of Turkey are found in Ankara. It has the lowest rate of criminal activities, even though it is a capital and it has a crowded population.

As we all know, Istanbul is a world trade center, per se. According to the official data, its population exceeds 14 million. Around 2 million foreign citizens live there. It is a bridge between  Asia and Europe. Almost all of the global companies have offices in Istanbul.

Turks are hospital people. Turkish society has unique characteristics. They do not remain silent when themselves or someone else is subjected to any wrongdoing. They are sensitive people. They adopt a family lifestyle and girls and boys live with their families until they get married.

Turks are modern Muslims and have a really strong faith. Mosques which are worshiping places are at the same time their social and traditional meeting points. During religious holidays, people visit their relatives in other cities and spend the holiday together. They like football very much and the most consumed alcoholic drink is Raki. Raki is a Turkish drink, and no matter how much it is consumed, it does not cause hangover and it gives a nice drunkenness sensation.

The cities of Turkey that border with the Mediterranean and the Agean sea are literally holiday paradises. In the Mediterranean region Alanya and in the Agean region Bodrum are the centers of entertainment. During the summer season, life continues nonstop for 24/7. Tourism is one of the biggest sources of income of Turkey. In 2014, 36 million tourists enjoyed holiday in Turkey.

There is a great number of universities which deliver high quality education in Turkey. The Middle East Technical University, Sabancı University, Bilkent University and Boğaziçi University are the top among those.

Turkey is a safe country, it has a very discipline police and military system. Police ensures safety in the cities and the military does so outside the cities and at the borders. Concepts such as bribery are outdated in Turkey. Its army is recognized as one of the most powerful armies of the world.

In its justice system, Turkey applies the Swiss Code of Obligations, the German Commercial Code and the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure. It has a bit complicated structure. However justice is always attributed.

The folks living in Turkey have no problem with each other and there has never been racism. In an incident between a Turk and a foreigner, Turks side for the right and the aggrieved one.

There is a strong democratic structure, people are totally free in choosing and maintaining their own life style and this is safeguarded under the Constitution.

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