You may use below spreadsheet to calculate monthly Net Salary. Just enter the appropriate value into the "Gross Salary" cell to see the calculated "Net Salary". Should you have any questions regarding Gross to Net Salary Calculation, please do not hesitate to contact EGT team.

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[box type="shadow"]If you can not view calculator properly, you may download "Gross-Net Excel Calculator" through following link

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  1. Hi

    What will be my net salary? As I am a foreigner not a citizen. Work in Turkey under the work permit? My income tax percentage is it same as local? Can you give me the percentage breakdown ?

  2. Hii,

    If my gross salary is 5500 what my net salary expected to be ??

    taking in consideration that I am foreigner ( not Turkish )

    thanks in advance

  3. hi ,
    this is varinder kumar from India ,I want to get resident permit visa for turky …plz send me full detail

    • ExpatGuideTurkey ExpatGuideTurkey

      Dear Mr Ayman,

      The calculation of the net wage depend on multiple criteria. However for someone who is single and with no kids the gross wage of 5500₺ will result in a net wage of 4065,31₺. Also there is no difference in wage distribution between aTurkish Citizen and a Foreign Citizen.

      Best Regard,
      ExpatGuideTurkey Team

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