Turkish citizenship by investment

With the new foreign investor programme, the Republic of Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners who make 1 million dollar property investment in Turkey or found/buy a company with 2 million dollar capital,  or deposit 3 million dollars in State investment instruments or state banks operating in Turkey provided that they do not withdraw such amount for three years.

New 05.05.2017 A regulation regarding the Turkish Citizenship Law was added to Article 20, which regulates the conditions for the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship. It was also decided that citizenship rights should be provided for foreigners investing in capital market instruments and other investments.

According to this, a share of real estate investment fund participation of at least 1.5 million dollars or foreign investors who hold a venture capital investment fund share and keep it for three years will be entitled to Turkish citizenship.


Turkish citizenship by investment

Only in four months and you don’t have to declare your wealth.

Time condition for all investments is 3 years. You can be a Turkish Citizen with the condition that you can take back all investments along with legal revenues three years late and your family will also be entitled to lifelong permanent residency in Turkey.

You don’t have to live in Turkey to participate in the programme, you can take back your money along with legal interest or you can sell your property three years later. Your Turkish Citizenship will remain throughout your life and your children will be born as Turkish Citizens. In addition, you don’t have to have to declare alienage from the country you currently have the citizenship (only for countries which allow dual nationality).

Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment
Turkish Citizenship by capital investment


Attention: In websites, there are some information about that Turkish passport and citizenship are providing for 65 thousand Euros,it's not possible according to the laws of the Rebuplic of Turkey

Expat Guide Turkey & Ata Kurumsal Danışmanlık - Turkish citizenship by investment - Turkish Citizenship Consultancy 18.01.2017


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