English Medium Universities in Istanbul

Istanbul, one of the ancient cities of the World and the foremost city of Turkey in social, political, economic and cultural aspects offers the most quality academic education opportunity in field of education too.

In Istanbul which hosts most rooted universities of Turkey and listed in World ranking, number of the universities which provides English education is quite a lot. Courses are given in English at the departments studies both in state universities and foundation universities.          30% or 100 % of courses are intensive English. The universities giving English education in Istanbul are as follows,

Boğaziçi University

Boğaziçi University having most rooted academic education tradition of Turkey with its past of 150 years is a state university which   gives English education in its all departments, possesses cultural features specific to it and entrance scores of which is very high.

The students who enter among top 1000 in university exams generally prefer Bogaziçi University. With the campuses located in the finest districts of Istanbul, social opportunities and quality education,  privilege of being at Bogaziçi is known among all students.

At Boğaziçi University which offers training to 15 thousand students each year with 4 faculties, 6 institutes, 2 vocational high schools, 18 research centers and 28 academic departments in total, all departments are taught English predominantly.

Except for English, French and German courses are also taught at the university.

İstanbul University

İstanbul University whose main campus is located in Beyazıt Square holds campuses in various places of the city.  İstanbul University at which 55 thousand students and academician more than 5 thousand exist enables education opportunity at two different languages in Turkish and English.

Faculties of Business and Economics and Administrative Sciences of İstanbul University which present comprehensive academic training possibility with 17 faculties, 12 vocational high schools, conservatory and research centers are among the departments which give 100% English education. In other departments, English is up to   student’s choice. Courses may be taken 30% or 100% English.

İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ)

İstanbul University which trains the most successful engineers and architects of Turkey with its academic technical education past of nearly 240 years has got 4 different campuses founded in city centre.

İTÜ giving English education in its all departments with student number exceeding 25 thousand, 13 faculties, 6 institutes provides intensive English training in all courses of faculties of architecture and engineering particularly. In other departments, English education is offered in 30% and 100% intensive English courses.

Marmara University

Marmara University having academic past of 125 years, the campuses of which are located both in Anatolian Side and European Side presents quality and modern academic education opportunity to its students via its 8 separate campuses spreading around the city.

Marmara University which offers English education possibility in its all departments is the only multilingual university of Turkey at the same time.

Courses in the faculties of economics and administrative sciences, medicine, engineering, dentistry and pharmacy are taught completely English in addition to German, French and Russian courses.

English Medium Foundation Universities in İstanbul

Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University, one the oldest foundation universities of Turkey is located next to Balat, historical district of İstanbul. The university giving academic education in two different campuses at European side allows full time English education in the departments of business, economics, international relations and communication.

Koç University

Koç University founded in 1993 and the oldest foundation university provides English education in its all departments.

Sabancı University

Sabancı University at which academic education has been offered since 2000 is the first university of Turkey having liberal sciences training style. English courses and English preparatory classes are found in its all departments.

Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University which commenced to academic life in 1996 has entered among successful universities in a short time and succeeded to present opportunity of quality academic education. While all courses in faculties are intensive English, 30% of courses in associate degree departments is given English.

Bahçeşehir University

All departments of Bahçeşehir University which admit student to Turkey from different countries and send its students to different countries with   the Project titled My Campus predominantly comprise of intensive English courses.  Especially all courses of the faculties of engineering and architecture are English.


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  • Seema

    How do I apply for scholarships in Turkey? I am Syrian and currently have been living with my grandmother. My mother lives in Turkey and has been applying visa from the Turkish Embassy in Beirut 3 times and I have refused. I would like to complete my university studies in Turkey. I will finish high school in July. can you help.

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      If you would be enrolled into study programme in Turkey, you can apply for student visa basing on acceptance letter from University.

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    looking for a university that would like to have a visiting lecturer/professor in food processing/technology/aquatic food product processing any time before end of June 2019

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      We do not have detailed informations about offers of universities in Turkey and their programme. For details, you should check for the offers of universities directly on their websites and contact those which suit you and provide classes that you are interested in.

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    I wanted to know which of this universities have full or partial scholarship program any information about my question will be appreciated.

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      In order to get detailed information about scholarship programs, you should directly contact universities in Turkey regarding your field and study programme as the requirements might differ according to the faculty.

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