New draft Law on Amending Social Security and General Health Insurance Law and Certain Other Laws has been accepted by the Committee on Plan and Budget in Turkish Grand National Assembly on 9th of May, 2013.  Within following days, it will be forwarded to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly as a draft law.

Draft law amends certain provisions related to the Foreigners’ compulsory enrollment in General Health Insurance System. According to new draft law, enrollment in GHI will be optional rather than mandatory for the foreigners residing in Turkey.

Currently, foreigners who are not insured in their home countries and who have resided in Turkey for one year or more with valid residence permit are required to enroll in General Health Insurance System.  Articles 60 (d) and 61 (c) of the SOCIAL INSURANCE AND UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE LAW reads that;

“….provided that principle of reciprocity is also taken into consideration, individuals of foreign countries who have residence permit and are not insurance holders under legislation of a foreign country, …

… shall be deemed to be universal health insurance holder as of the date they complete one year residence period in Turkey and they shall be registered with a universal health insurance entrance notification to be submitted within month from this date.”

As per article 2 of new draft law, enrollment in the General Health Insurance system will not be mandatory for foreigners anymore. Instead, on their demands, foreigners still might be enrolled to the GHI system voluntarily.

Moreover according to article 1, paragraph 2 of the new draft law, GHI will not be mandatory for Foreigner students enrolled in Education Institutions in Turkey as well. Currently only foreigner students who are enrolled in Higher Education Institutions (Universities) are eligible for the GHI.  With the new amendments, all foreigner students enrolled Education Institutions in Turkey, voluntarily might apply for GHI. Accordingly, those foreigner students, who wish to register in GHI, should fill out an application within three months after their enrollments to the Education Institutions.    

[box type="info"] Law No. 6486 on Amending Social Security and General Health Insurance Law and Certain Other Laws has been published in Official Gazette on 29 May 2013, No: 28661.[/box]

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