• Manuel

    I plan to apply for a short term residence permit based on purchase of property. It will be my first time. I understand that I can apply for either a one year or a 2 year permit. Is it possible to apply and receive a 2 year permit directly as long as I can prove 2 years of health insurance coverage (as well as the other usual requirements)? Or am I only allowed to get a 1 year permit the first time I apply?

    After I obtain the short term permit, I plan to leave Turkey before it expires. Then, the permit will expire while I am overseas. When I come back to Turkey, I have to enter on a tourist visa, right? Then I can apply to renew my residence permit, is that right? How long can I be outside of Turkey with an expired residence permit and still apply for a renewal when I return? In other words, Is there a time limit on the length of the ‘break’ in a continuous stay?


  • Atilla


    I Work in Azerbaijan and would like to move with my spouse and child to Turkey on touristic residence permit, and work for Azerbaijan remotely. The company I work for is non-Turkish and I will not perform any work in Turkey. All my income is generated outside Turkey. My wife will also give birth there. We will hopefully settle in Turkey.
    My question is do I pay Income tax In Turkey for my income From Azerbaijan where I already pay Income taxes there ?
    Thank you for your assistance on this very important matter.
    Best regard
    A. Kaplan

    • Expatguide

      As Turkey has signed double tax treaties with Azerbaijan, you do not need to pay separate income tax in Turkey. Please, be informed that currently touristic residence permit can be granted for maximum one year. If you would like to settle in Turkey, you should either find a job within the country to reside in Turkey on basis of work permit or purchase a property to be eligible for residence permit extension on this basis. If only one of the spouses is work permit holder or property owner, other spouse and children under 18 years old are also eligible for residence permit extension.

      Kind Regards,

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  • Forough

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is Forough from Iran. My company (Renault- France) transferred Me and my family from China to Turkey at 2-Feb-2020 regarding to Covid 19. We supposed to stay in Turkey for a short time and then we can return back to China but opposite happened and we passed 90 days. We left Turkey after 4 months, 30 May as we could not find any flight to China and Iran.

    In airport we went for paying penalty but regarding to Covid 19 they did not receive any amount.

    Now, we want to return back to Turkey at the beginning of September with tourism visa. Could you please let me know if we can enter to Turkey after 3 months as we stayed there more than our visa validation or we should wait for passing 6 months?

    Your kind support is appreciated.

    • Expatguide

      If you stay abroad for at least 3 months you are allowed to reenter Turkey and use your 90 days visa free period. In order to stay within Turkey longer you must apply for residence permit after entering the country and before expiration of your visa. If you enter Turkey earlier than after 90 days you can face problem on the boarder and most probably you would be able to enter conditionally and would be obliged to apply for residence permit within 10 days upon your arrival. Foreigners, who enter Turkey conditionally and do not apply for residence permit within 10 days or leave the country before receiving residence permit card can be banned to reenter Turkey for up to five years.

      Kind Regards,

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