• Nadia

    Dear Sir/Madam, Good evening.

    My name is Nadia Ido, and I am an Italian national with Maltese residence. I have entered Istanbul via direct flight from Malta on the 14.03.2020. Using my Italian passport I entered the country using the 90 days tourist no-VISA.

    As there was no direct repatriation flight back to Malta and also the Malta International Airport is closed, I would like to confirm with you what will be the situation for me if I overstay the 90 days here in Turkey?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Expatguide

      If you overstay the visa-free period of 90 days, you need to pay a fine while leaving Turkey. You can find official amounts of fees for overstaying in our article below:
      The consequences of overstaying in Turkey

      Please, be informed that final decision on the amount of fine will be taken by customs at the airport and it can differ from official amounts.

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