Çeşme Sightseeing Guide

Çeşme is located in İzmir city and has become a famous tourism place at the last years. In recent years, which is one of the most preferred holiday destinations for domestic tourists along with Bodrum, Çeşme is a location very rich in terms of places to visit. You can find a lot of accommodation alternatives like hotels, aparts, motels, houses and holiday villages in Çeşme.  Alaçatı is the most famous tourism location of Çeşme which is famous for windsurfing activities. You can try windsurfing there or take lessons from professionals. The beaches of Çeşme are so popular, thousands of people are visiting them each year for a memorable summer holiday and water sports. It takes 90 km. between Çeşme and İzmir. With using Adnan Menderes Airport, you can visit İzmir and you can find direct flight in many major countries of Europe or biggest metropolises of Turkey like Istanbul and Ankara. We've compiled the most popular destinations for sightseeing of Çeşme for you from tourists' objectives below.

Çeşme Castle

Ilıca Beach


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Altınkum Beach

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Alaçatı Pazaryeri Mosque

Ramo Beach

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Alaçatı Surf Beach

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Artura Art Gallery

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Erythrai Antique City

Çark Beach

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Port Alaçatı

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Merkez Haci Memiş Ağa Mosque

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Historical Windmills

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Sakızlıkoy - Dalyanköy

Denizler bizi bekliyor☺️

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Şifne Coast

Alaçatı Historical Houses


Alaçatı Public Market


Pırlanta Beach

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Blue Beach


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Altınkoy Beach


How to go Çeşme ?



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