Best 15 Universities of Turkey

URAP Research Laboratorium which is included in METU Informatic Institute clarified the list of "Best 15 Universities of Turkey". METU is standing the first place, and the suprising is Boğaziçi University is on the 12th place in the list. Of course, the suprising point Boğaziçi University is standing outside the first ten place. For the URAP Research, the researchers used different criterias to determine the best university like number of articles, references, scientific documents, doctora students and some others.

1-Middle East Technical University 767,35

According to URAP TR 2015-2016 Research which including 136 universities in Turkey, Middle East Technical University is standing the first place with 767,35 points.

2- Hacettepe University 705,30


Hacettepe University  is standing in the second place in the list with 705,30. The university is located in Ankara, in the capital city of Turkey.

3- Istanbul University 697,95

The third place will be for Istanbul University. It's the oldest university of Turkey which is founded in 1933 officially and it's the continuation of the Darülfünun, first European style university in Ottoman Empire.

4- İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University 677,69

İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University is standing in the fourth place with 677,69 points. At the last years, the university increased its popularity, also we must say it's a private university.

5- Ankara University 677,31


In the fifth place, we can see Ankara University with 677,31 points. The university is located in Ankara and founded in 1946.

6- İstanbul Technical University 674,88



The Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is standing in the sixth place of the research. The university is located in Istanbul and it's famous with Faculty of Engineering.

7- Gebze Technical University 657,94


Although Gebze Technical University is a new founded, we can see the university is standing in the seventh place of research list with 657,94.

8- Ege University 656,29


Ege University is founded in İzmir and it's the most successful university of Aegean Region with 656,29 points.

9- Gazi University 651,87


Gazi University is in the 9th place with 651,87 scores. The university is located in Ankara, and we can say it's one of the most popular universities for social and educational sciences

10-Sabancı University 648,29


We can see Sabancı University in the 10th place of the list with 648,29 point. The university is private and its located in Istanbul.

11- Koç University 639,82


Koç University is another private university in the list and standing in the 11th place of the list with 639,82 points. The university is located in Istanbul city.

12-Boğaziçi University 625,17


Boğaziçi University is the biggest surprise of the URAP Research. The total score of the university is 625,17, so the university could find a place at the 12th place of the list. The university is located in Istanbul.

13-Atatürk University 597,95



Atatürk University is located in the 13th place in the URAP Research list of 2015. The score is 597,95 and the university is located in Erzurum.

14-Yıldız Technical University 587,09



Yıldız Technical University is one of the most popular universities in Istanbul with the Faculty of Engineering. But, the university is standing in the 14th place in the URAP Research list with 587,09 points.

15-Erciyes University 586,64


The Erciyes University is standing in the 15th place with 586,64 score. The university is located in Kayseri in 1978.

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