Amendments in law on foreigners and international protection

With the enactment of the International Labour Act, the Foreigners and International Protection Act was modified. As a result of these modification on the law, intemediary institutions authorized by the Directorate General will be allowed to make application for the residence permit.

Short-term residence permit will be granted for up to 2 years term each time.
In addition, Northern Cypriot citizens and unemployed foreigners living in Turkey but willing to invest within the scope and amount defined by the Council of Ministers, will be given a short-term residence permit for them and their foreign spouse and children for a time period up to 5 years.

The aggregated stay abroad for more than 120 days in the last one year will not be a reason for cancellation of the short-term residence permit. Basis of cancellation in terms of duration abroad for the family and short-term residence permits will be regulated.
Family residence permit will now be granted for up to 3 years each time.

Foreign students coming through public bodies and institutions to Turkey, may be granted a residence permit during their education. 24-hour weekly limit on working undergraduate students has been removed, working hours will be regulated by law.