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Adalar is locating on 40° N, 29° E coordinates. Adalar enhances the natural richness of Istanbul with geological formations. Geological and topographic structure is considered to bein terms of land masses separated from the quaternary period at the beginning with a breakdown Kocaeli Peninsula. Adalar, during the formation of our world, Thrace/Kocaeli rise of peneplen down from place to place, especially in the southern part of the throat at the opening and stay under the waters of the sea as a result of this peneplen are pieces of stuck on the water.

In terms of the geographical distribution of the islands can be divided into two groups, including central and peripheral. Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kaşıkadası are form the central group. Kınalıada, Sedef Adası, Tavşan Adası, Yassıada ve Sivriada are located in the second group with encompassingthe first group of the islands.
The whole of the islands,16 km2 is covered with buildings and approximately has a surface area of 542 hectares. Other parts are usually forests, maquis and rocky.

Population: 15.623 (2015)
Population Growth: - 8% since 2000
Population Density: 1420/sq mi, rank #1
Median Per Capita Income: $18102 at 2012
Median House Price: $295,470 at 2015—for a standard 90 m² flat
Time Zone: Eastern European Time; UTC +2
Land Area: 16 km²

Adalar Map and Nearby Locations

Towns of Istanbul

According to 2015 data, total population of Adalar reached 15.623 which has a decrease of 8% from 2000. Obviously, Adalar has lower populaton growth rate than the Turkish and Istanbul average. The Adalar population density is 1420 people per square mile, which is higher than the national average density of 102 people per square mile.

Population Between 2007-2015


Population Density Between 2008-2015


Istanbul vs. Adalar Population of 2015


According to the 2015 data, about %0,8 of Istanbul population are living in Adalar district.

In Adalar (2015) 

Male Population : 8549 

Female Population : 7074


As 2010-2013 period, the per capita income of Istanbul is $18,101, which is higher than the national average of $15,137. Adalar is the smallest town of Istanbul city. Although this issue, Adalar has a per capita income above the Istanbul average. You can see the per capita income, household income, labour force participation rate and unemployment data of Istanbul vs. Turkey.





On the other hand, the labor force participation rate of women in Istanbul reached 30,5% in 2013 while Turkish average was 30,8.


Sectoral Allocation of Labor Force 


The Number of Working Population as Sectoral

Wageworker : 3,857,000 people

Proprietor : 755,000 people

Unpaid family worker : 46,000 people


At the beginning of 2016 year, the house prices of median square metre reached to 5417 TL in Adalar while Istanbul average is 3750TL. This amount is 2,2 times bigger than Turkish average. The developing urban conditions of Adalar are reflecting the price of houses in many different districts. We can say Adalar is one of the most expensive districts of Istanbul city under today's economical conditions.



Furthermore, we can observe the prices of rental houses is 155 TL for per square meter with 8% increasement in Adalar. The Turkish average is 17 TL and Istanbul average is 21 TL for per square meter at the beginning of 2016.



Elemantary and High Schools in Adalar

According to the official data, there are 13 elemantary and high schools in Adalar district.

Click here for the official full list of schools in Istanbul

Universities in Adalar

There are two types of universities in Turkey like Public and Foundation.

Adalar is the smallest district of Istanbul city, so we can say there is a lower crime rate in the borders of town. Istanbul Crime data :

  • The number of public order crime: 174.122
  • Total population: 13.255.685
  • Crime rate (one crime for 1000 people): 13,14

Approximately 1/5 of total population of Turkey are living in Istanbul and that makes there one of the world's largest metropolises. As Geopolitical ,historical and geographical side, Istanbul is one of the cities that holds an important place in the world because of its beauty. Accordingly, most rainfall occurs in the winter months like December.May, June and July are the months of less rainfall.Adalar district has the same monthly average temperature data like Istanbul.


Adalar's summers are hot and humid; winters are cold, rainy and sometimes snowy. The warmest month is July with an average of 23,7°C , and the coldest month is January with an average of 6,3°C.


Especially, in the winter season, we can observe very cold days and snowfall in a few days in a month. You can see the average days of snowfall in Istanbul. Adalar has the snowfall days data nearly Istanbul average.