About the Ata Instıtutıonal Consultancy


Ata Institutional Consultancy was founded in 2002. With its successful history and its vision of becoming regional leader within the service sector, Ata Institutional Consultancy has clearly found its place among the most reliable consulting firms in Turkey.

Behind its success, Ata Institutional Consultancy’s efficiency and customer oriented management style plays a very important role. This approach has been developed not only through monetary profits, but also together with our mutually beneficial institutional citizenship consciousness. Moreover this consciousness always guides us in the realization of a wide range of social responsibility projects focusing on the Development of Turkey.

Within our service areas, Ata Institutional Consultancy is aware of its responsibilities and acts with a vision of being a leader and an example for the community and contribute to the national economy and national employment policies. Our social responsibility strategy is to provide projects that improve the wealth of society and to ensure the economic, cultural, social and environmental sustainability of the development.

Proudly providing exclusive services to over 1200 corporate and more than 1500 individual clients, Ata Institutional Consultancy differentiates itself by offering its clients dynamic human resources, high technology and brand quality. Ata Institutional Consultancy aims to rise value of its brands not only within the boundaries of Turkey, but also at regional and global scale and Ata Institutional Consultancy especially acts with a vision of becoming a regional leader in the service sector.

what we are


Reliability is the priority of the business needs. Clients always wish to trust the organizations. Thus, our central focus is Reliability and according to us, reliability reflects our strengths, accuracy, abilities and character.


We are very sensitive about being respected by our clients. Position, title, age, gender or any other differences are not a distinctive feature for us. Our attitude is always in favor of professional respect and courtesy.


Our main goal is to always make life easier for our clients. Thus we prefer to stay away from complex, time-consuming and challenging processes by focusing on right and accurate points.