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Establıshıng Lımıted and Incorporated Company ın Turkey

Establishing Limited and Incorporated Company in Turkey Establishment processes of stock corporations, namely incorporated and limited companies, are more difficult as well as being more costly compared with private companies. In this article, we examined the establishment processes of stock corporations.

Establishment processes of stock corporation are more costly compared with private companies,...

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Establıshıng A Company ın Turkey: Lımıted or Incorporated Company?

One of the most important decisions you must take while putting your venture into practice in Turkey is the type of the company. If you choose to establish incorporated company between limited company or stock corporation choices, you must decide whether you will establish limited company or incorporated company?

There are some...

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What ıs turquoıse card? And who can get ıt?

Turquoise card is a certificate which grants the permanent right of labor to a foreigner and the right of getting the residence permit to his/her spouse and child(ren) of whom he/she is obliged to take care in accordance with provisions of relevant legislation.

A new and facilitated employment permit system, called Turquoise...

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