10 Reasons About Investing in Turkey

Turkey is one of the biggest 20 economies of the world. Especially, at the last years with the increasing promotion factors, many foreign investors started to make their investment on Turkish market. So, we can say there are many new business opportunities, operational necessities and other supplementary working areas on the market. There are many reasons about investing in Turkey at the last years. You can find the investing advantags list below :

1- Strong Economy

Turkey is the 6th biggest economy of European region. In addition, Turkey has a 3,6% Gross Domestic Product yearly. For future, Turkey has different positive expectations about industry, real estate and tertiary sector. Recently, we can observe the increasing credit rating by international credit organizations.

2- Population


With more than 70 million population, Turkey is one of the biggest countries of Europa. The half of the population is smaller than 30 years old.

3- Skilled Workforce


Turkey has more than 29 million young, well-educated and motivated people who are ready for join the business world. Turkey has more than 180 universities, so each year there are more than 600.000 graduated people.

4- Innovative Working Area


Turkey has so motivated and innovative working area, so you can observe different professionals on the business world.

5- Infrastructure


At the last years, the infrastructure process of Turkey developed so much. In today's conditions, we can say many Turkish cities have the enough infrastructure conditions.

6- Geopolitical Position

Turkey is the bridge between Asia and Europe. So, if you are an investor on Turkish market, you can reach more than 1.5 billion people with affecting Europe, Asia, Arabia and North Africa market.

7- Energy Line of Europe


Turkey has many different enegy lines between Asia - Europe. There are many different energy kinds like petroleum, natural gas and others. Also, Turkey is the key country for European countries for the transporting energy from Asian countries.

8- Tax Deductions


Turkey reduced the rates of corporation taxes. So, you will find many opportunities about strategic, large-scaled and local investments.

9- Customs Union


Turkey has an agreement with EU about Customs Union since 1996.

10- Large Domestic Market


In Turkey, there are millions of consumer, and it's growing day by day. So, the investors find one of the largest domestic markets of European region. It makes Turkey so attractive about foreign investment opportunities.



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